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HCPCS Level II Codes Lookup

Get HCPCS Level II 2019 Code Changes Plus Lay Terms Written by TCI Experts

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HCPCS Code Lookup + How-to Advice

Physician Coder offered in 20+ specialties gives you the insight you need to boost supply and drug revenue without double dipping.

  • Accuracy Accelerator: Get must-have guidance right at code level with HCPCS code search tied to helpful articles from a Coding Alert and 14 Survival Guides
  • Hassle-Free Pricing: Stop scratching your head over code values with 7-in-1 Fee Schedule tool that links a HCPCS code with the right fee schedule including Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics/Orthotics & Supplies (DMEPOS), Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS), Physician Fee Schedule Modifier Allowances, Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs), Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLAB), Average Sales Price (ASP), Average Wholesale Price (AWP)
  • Faster Drug Coding: Find the right HCPCS to CPT® code match in seconds with CPT® <-> HCPCS.

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HCPCS Code Lookup Plus Compliance Speeders

Fast Coder supercharges your HCPCS code accuracy with code search and a collection of compliance tools.

  • Lower Audit Risk: CPT®/HCPCS <-> Modifiers makes finding the right HCPCS modifiers a cinch(CPT® modifiers, too!)
  • Decreased Denials: Effortlessly match procedure codes with commonly used supplies and drugs using CPT® <-> HCPCS
  • Increased Compliance: CCI Edits Checker ensures the right HCPCS coding combo.


HCPCS Code Search Only

Offering so much more than a simple HCPCS codes list, Code Search makes finding the correct HCPCS code easier than ever.

  • Speed Genie: Type in a keyword and see the most likely HCPCS codes first, or view a HCPCS codes range to get to your code faster
  • Streamlined Workflow: Code Descriptor, lay term, HCPCS Guidelines, and CMS reference all on a single HCPCS code page eliminates flipping between multiple resources
  • Easy Book Conversion: Online lookup has never been simpler thanks to faster HCPCS Drug table searching with electronic HCPCS partial word lookup.

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Inpatient Facility HCPCS Code Search + Info

DRG Coder gives inpatient facility coders the essential HCPCS code information they need to nail the correct HCPCS code while keeping their facility in the compliance green zone.

  • Payment Protector: Effortlessly match HCPCS to ICD-10-PCS codes to DRG to snag the correct Diagnosis Related Grouper (DRG) every time
  • Increased Coding Accuracy: Get the inside scoop on HCPCS codes with 14 Survival Guides
  • Cost Savings: Simultaneously search across CPT®, ICD-10-PCS, ICD-10-CM, DRG, and HCPCS codes – all for one low price.

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Outpatient Facility HCPCS Code Lookup + Advice

Outpatient Facility Coder gives you more bang for your buck with all the HCPCS code lookup, tools, and advice you need to make your hospital-based or ambulatory surgical center (ASC) HCPCS coding more profitable.

  • Initial Submission Payment Expediter: Master code match-ups using ICD-10 CrossRef, CPT® <-> HCPCS, and CPT®/HCPCS <-> Modifiers
  • Faster Workflow: Combined lookup of ICD-10-CM, ICD-9, APC, CPT®, and HCPCS Level II codes – all searchable by keyword or code
  • Decreased Compliance Risk: Verify facility HCPCS code allowables with ASC Analyst, Outpatient Code Edits Checker (OCE) with OPPS Relative Value Units, monthly OPPS Coding Alert.


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HCPCS - Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

HCPCS Section Numbers and Their Sequences