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With tricky reporting issues like unit calculations, HCPCS coding can be a prime target for auditors. Streamline your HCPCS reporting with SuperCoder’s HCPCS code lookup — where you can easily search codes and get the related compliance info in one place. Try today and dodge the emotional and financial turmoil overpayment proceedings can have on your practice.

Promote Compliance

Our coders have added HCPCS omitted terms to the SuperCoder dictionary, including abbreviations, to help your practice prevent financial loss.

Quickly Search

With our easy-to-read tables and indexes, you can see complete results of all the drugs and chemicals with their associated codes.

Simply Crosswalk

Avoid being the next statistic by using our National Drug Code-Drug Crosswalk that ties HCPCS codes with drug brand names, dosages, and equivalent units.

Easily Understand

Use our straightforward English summaries and tips to help you learn a code’s proper application.

Powerful Compliance Tools In One Place

With HCPCS code lookup, you can quickly and efficiently find your HCPCS codes, but where should you turn when you need to look up other codes? SuperCoder’s Fast Coder gives you access to dynamic four-way code search across CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM code sets. Also, check fees, confirm reporting choices using easy-access modifier lists and code crosswalks, and reduce your research time by using our associated instructions at code level.

Intuitive Tools

See policies and CMS links for codes with LCD/NCD search. Review 25 codes at once with CCI Edits Checker. Study RVUs, allowed modifiers, and MUEs with the 7-in-1 fee schedule tool.

Easy Code Lookup

Search across CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM code sets to find the right code you need via keywords, alphabetic indexes, tables, or range search.  

Education Opportunities

Use our webinars and Bolt newsletter to earn up to 18 CEUs for your AAPC certification. Also track your CEUs in one convenient location.

Tailored Experience

Create and view personal notes on code details and listing pages, rearrange your coding tools, and save your favorite codes.

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