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Urology Coding Handbook 2017

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Various state and federal labor regulations, penalties for security breaches, and the heightened scrutiny of state and federal regulatory bodies are but a few of the challenges vexing urology practices—to say nothing of looming pay cuts.

Good news. The experts at The Coding Institute have compiled the latest updates, along with essential guidance and to-the-point analysis on your critical coding and billing issues in the Urology Coding Handbook 2017.

Stay compliant and your reimbursement dollars with best-in-class guidance:

  • Be Confident Distinguishing Between Modifier 57 and 25
  • Make 'Location, Location, Location' Your Modifier 26 Mantra
  • Turn to Documentation to Verify Which TURP Code Applies – if Any
  • Add 9 New Codes to Your list for Dialysis Circuit Imaging and Intervention
  • Follow These 3 Tips for Successfully Coding for Multiple Stones
  • Study New Guidelines to Discover Dialysis Circuit Designations
  • Take Note of How 'Ultrasound' and 'Sonogram' Relate
  • Don't Let Incorrect Denials Sidetrack Your Sacral Nerve Stimulation Coding
  • Notice CPT® 2017 Code Category Shift for Prostate Cancer Test
  • Refresh Your Knowledge of Renal Imaging
  • Refresh Your Memory of What's Needed for Successful Payment When Appending Modifier 22
  • CPT® 2017 Code 84410 Solves Bioavailable Testosterone Coding Conundrum
  • Remember 3 Things About Modifier 52 on Your Claims
  • Shore Up Your Knowledge of Modifier 53 with These Scenarios
  • Have You Checked the New Direction for Laparoscopic Cystectomy Coding?
  • Key into Guideline Updates for Successful Procedure Coding in 2017
  • Get to Know Modifier 95 to Capture Some Telemedicine Services
  • And many more!

Ethically optimize your revenue with TCI’s comprehensive and indispensable coverage of ICD-10 urology coding topics!
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