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Secrets of Profitable Practices

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Do you know what your profits are? Is your medical practice as profitable as it can be?

Take your practice from good to great with 300+ insider tips and best practices field-tested and proven to boost your bottom line!

You need more than theories to thrive. Unrivaled reimbursement pressure and staggering compliance requirements plague your practice daily. Save time with high-impact strategies to grow your practice.

Secrets of Profitable Practices lays out effective and frequently overlooked methods that skirt problems and avail opportunities. For both hazards to avoid and tactics to implement, TCI experts guide you in practical, easy-to-follow steps to profitable transformation in patient and staff satisfaction—and in revenue.

Grow your practice from good to great:

  • Learn benchmarking basics and identify room for improvements
  • Ace scheduling and patient flow, which translates into good revenue flow
  • Turbocharge practice profits with a strong revenue team
  • Propel your practice to patient engagement excellence and see you bottom line soar
  • 5 Ways to ace payer contract renegotiations
  • 7 Common payer contract negotiation mistakes you’re probably making
  • Use this checklist for a payer contract that protects your profits
  • Insider techniques to get the reimbursement you need from payers
  • Discover what MIPS will do to your Medicare dollars
  • Avoid these 5 common reasons for Medicare denials
  • Slash payer A/R now with these 5 expert tips
  • Follow these 4 tips for billing Medicare for SNF patients
  • Here’s how to collect partial payment
  • Survive and thrive in the age of HDHPs
  • Pinpoint revenue opportunities—and flag compliance risks
  • Calibrate your collection tactics for high-deductible plans
  • Use this patient responsibility form to make out-of-pocket collections easier
  • Follow this physician practice administrator’s lead to collect more of your out-of-pocket fees
  • 5 Front desk moves that reduce A/R
  • Hold these decisive conversations to lead your RCM team to excellence
  • Transform your reception area into an asset
  • And so much more!

Take your practice to the next level and beyond with Secrets of Profitable Practices!
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