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Ready, Set, Engage: Your Path to a Patient-Centered Practice

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Transform your medical practice into a thriving, people-centered business.

Are you struggling to bring in new patients? Is your EHR hurting patient engagement? Can you really improve your revenue by improving patient satisfaction?

Ready, Set, Engage: How to Create a Patient-Centered Practice is jam-packed with answers to all your questions, along with practical, easy-to-apply advice that will keep your organization thriving.

This indispensable handbook lays out implications of the transition on your Medicare, private payer, and self-pay revenue — and provides you with time and cost efficient methods to safeguard your practice’s financial health through effective and easy-to-employ patient engagement strategies.

Maximize patient engagement in the new healthcare landscape:

  • Learn about MACRA, MIPS, value-based care, and counter the fallout of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) on your revenue
  • Understand the distinctions between patient engagement versus patient satisfaction versus patient experience—and patient activation versus patient reactivation versus patient loyalty
  • Know engagement preferences for various generations—Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials

Master patient engagement with detailed, step-by-step guidance from our TCI experts:

  • How to make more money from current patients by improving patient flow and collections
  • Tips on balancing waiting area amenities and patient comfort
  • Master EHR hacks improve patient engagement
  • Make your practice’s digital presence more patient-centered
  • Improve patient experience through improved patient flow
  • Decrease no-show rates with mobile engagement technology
  • Patient engagement tips for your staff
  • Tap into your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)—and your patients’
  • Prevent your phone system from sabotaging your practice
  • Essential qualities to cultivate in your front-desk employees
  • Equip your Millennial employees to excel at patient engagement
  • Make patient record request responses a top priority
  • Fix reception area problems
  • Is your EHR hurting patient engagement?
  • 6 Patient engagement tips for wired clinicians
  • Get Medicare reimbursement for chronic care management
  • Leverage anticipatory patient service
  • Protect your practice with a social media governance policy
  • And so much more!

Cruise to profitability with your roadmap to patient-centric care.
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