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Practice Management Handbook 2018

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It’s never been tougher to run a successful medical practice.
How would you like cutting-edge strategies for negotiating contracts with payers, streamlining A/R processes, bringing in new patients and keeping the ones you have happy, as well as complying with CMS and HIPAA regulations and managing staff?

Could you benefit from a start-to-finish practice management resource tailored to triumph over today’s unique and obstinate healthcare dilemmas? 

We’ve covered all your bases—from office to financial management—in the Practice Management Handbook 2018. Leverage best-in-class advice on revenue cycle management, compliance, patient relations, payer relations, recruitment, training, employee evaluations, and everything you need to manage a bountiful practice in 2018 and beyond.

Turn the tide in your favor with practice management advice you can trust:

  • Don't Fall Prey to HIPAA Breaches
  • Administration: Secrets of Running a Successful Multi-Location Practice
  • Reduce No-Show Rates
  • Focus Your Staff Training and Education on Customer Service
  • How to Use Value Stream Mapping to Clarify Processes
  • Step Carefully With E/M Code for Multiple Visits in a Single Day
  • Emergency Preparedness: Know and Practice These Steps
  • How to Begin the Payer Contract Renegotiation Process
  • Keep Staff Safe and Happy with HR Compliance
  • Compliance: Does Your Marketing Program Violate the Anti-Kickback Statute?
  • What to Do About Secondary Insurance and Direct Patient Overpayments
  • Best Practices for Compliant OON Billing
  • 10 Ways to Boost Staff Success at a Conference
  • How to Outsource RCM
  • What to Expect When Auditors Come Knocking
  • Ease Patient Requests for PHI with This Form
  • How to Handle Payer Objections During Negotiations
  • Reframe Your Reactions to Help Your Practice Thrive
  • Follow This Quick-Start Guide to Mobile Patient Engagement
  • Don't Code Inappropriately for Incomplete Visit
  • Here’s How to Retain Good Employees
  • 2 Must-Read Updates From CMS: Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and ICD-10-CM
  • And more!

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