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Pain Management ICD-10 Handbook 2017

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Have the over 6000 ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS updates thrown your practice for a loop?

Pin down the changes that affect pain management coding the most with one of the best pain management books available. Tackle the new codes, revisions, and revamped official guidelines with confidence with our Pain Management ICD-10 Handbook 2017.

Have you seen the stats for the changes becoming effective October 1?

  • 1974 new ICD-10-CM codes plus 425 revisions equals more than 2,000 changes for diagnosis coding
  • 3827 new  ICD-10-PCS codes plus 491 revisions equals a staggering 75,625 valid ICD-10-PCS codes for in-hospital procedures
  • Official Guidelines include numerous updates
  • Beginning October 1, submit the exact correct code or suffer denials or underpayment — no more grace period for getting close

Position yourself to greet October 1 with maximum coding efficiency
The Pain Management ICD-10 Handbook 2017 has been expanded and revised to include these new features:

  • ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS: Overview of the changes taking place October 1
  • Simple-to-understand interpretations of pain management coding guidelines for ICD-10-CM from our educators to you
  • Highlights of specific ICD-10-CM changes that impact pain management practices
  • CDC and CMS 2017 Official Guidelines for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS

Jumpstart your 2017 ICD-10 coding. Delaying could cost you $$$
In addition to the new features noted above, the Pain Management ICD-10 Handbook 2017 brings you much more advice and guidance with topics like these:

  • Specificity marks the new ICD-10-CM 2017 codes
  • 4,000 ICD-10-PCS changes embrace new procedures and technology
  • Understand ICD-10-PCS root operations
  • Use the 5th character in PCS codes to define approach
  • Learn the distinctions for fibromyalgia, myositis, and myalgia
  • Learn the difference between acute versus chronic pain
  • To code for neck sprain and strain, note the affected spinal region