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Orthopedic ICD-10 Handbook 2017


2017 ICD-10-CM and -PCS Updates Hit Orthopedics Specialty the Hardest

Reality: Orthopedics specialties faces thousands of new codes and revisions with the 2017 ICD-10 updates, nearly half of which involve fractures. As alarming as this sounds, however, the obstacles are not insurmountable. Smart coders know that they can turn to The Coding Institute and its reliable resources for ICD-10 orthopedics diagnosis and procedure codes.

What does October 1 bring overall?

  • 1974 new ICD-10-CM codes with 425 revisions
  • 3827 new  ICD-10-PCS codes with 491 revisions
  • Numerous updates to the ICD-10 Official Guidelines
  • No more leniency for submitting incorrect codes that are in the right "family"

Soar into 2017 ICD-10 coding confident that the Orthopedic ICD-10 Handbook 2017 has what you need
Check out these great new features that you will find in our updated and expanded handbook:

  • Overview of ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS changes
  • Orthopedics coding guidelines reinterpreted by our TCI educators, which include coding guidelines for injuries and external causes
  • Introduction to important new codes and revisions relevant to orthopedics
  • 2017  Official Guidelines for ICD-10-PCS and ICD-10-CM

Ramp up your PCS orthopedic procedure and ICD-10-CM coding skills with our comprehensive Orthopedic ICD-10 Handbook 2017.  

  • Salter-Harris fracture codes number in the hundreds
  • Identify the level for accurate coding of cervical disc disorder diagnoses
  • Atypical fractures get their own codes
  • Pay attention to PCS code's 5th character  to define approach
  • ICD-10-PCS root operations key to correct coding of procedures
  • Observe diagnosis, procedure, and evaluation and management codes for perfect TKR claim
  • Shake up your shoulder lesion diagnoses
  • Hone in on specificity to code rheumatoid arthritis
  • Careful! Carpal tunnel may not be what it seems

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