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Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018

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Garner Full Pay for Your NPP Services

Knowing how to code and bill for services provided by your nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) is crucial to running a cost-effective medical practice. Your coding and billing staff must stay current with practice guidelines, as well as regulations that vary by payer and state.

Are you clear on:
  • The general guidelines that Medicare and other payers apply toward reimbursement for NPP services?
  • What incident-to services are?
  • What the incident-to billing rules are?
  • What shared services are, and how they differ from incident-to services?
  • What the guidelines for shared services are?
  • When you should bill patient care as a shared service?

Capitalize on answers to your questions, and much more, with the Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018. This resource packs page after page of comprehensive guidance to solve your NPP coding, billing, compliance, and documentation issues.
Put an end to claim denials and subpar reimbursement with working knowledge of the complex NPP coding and billing regulations.

Gain an in-depth understanding of NPP coding and billing for a great year of revenue:

  • Observe these shared & incident-to differences
  • Here’s How the Split Visit Rule Can Save You a Fortune
  • Append modifier SA on NPP claims or risk denials
  • Submit This NPI for Full NPP Reimbursement
  • Dodge These Perennial E/M Issues Found in the CERT Report
  • Rely on Clip-and-Save Tools, including an Incident-To Audit Checklist
  • And more!

Propel your bottom line with optimal NPP reimbursement.
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