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Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018

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Garner Full Pay for Your NPP Services

Knowing how to code and bill for services provided by your nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) is crucial to running a cost-effective medical practice. Your coding and billing staff must stay current with practice guidelines, as well as regulations that vary by payer and state.

Are you clear on:

  • Which NPP billing regulations vary by state and by provider?
  • Which specific MIPS measures do I need to report to avoid pay cuts?
  • What are the details on reversed policy changes by MACs for expanded problem focused and detailed exams?
  • How do I correctly code for NPP-administered smoking cessation counseling?
  • What are the split-visit guidelines for services from both physicians and NPPs?
  • What are the tips that one MAC made public for calculating NPP exam elements for E/M services?
  • How do I avoid the 14% average E/M coding error rate?

Benefit from answers to your questions, and much more, with the Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018. This resource packs page after page of comprehensive guidance to solve your NPP coding, billing, compliance, and documentation issues. 
Put an end to claim denials and subpar reimbursement with working knowledge of the complex NPP coding and billing regulations.

Gain an in-depth understanding of NPP coding and billing for a great year of revenue:

  • Avoid Substitute Physician Billing Challenges With These 12 Tips
  • Observe These Shared, Incident to Differences
  • Get the Inside Scoop on the MPFS Final 2018 Rule
  • I.D. Incident to and Split Visits or Risk Lost Revenue
  • 10 Tips Help You Log a Perfect Claim Acceptance Rate
  • UHC Now Mandates Appending Modifier SA on NPP E/M Claims
  • Use This Guide to Ferret Out Shared Visit, Incident to Opportunities
  • Refine Your Advance Care Planning Coding Skills with These FAQs
  • Keep Your Documentation Claims Clearly Legible and Free from Denials
  • Keep Your Charts Accurate and Your Records Straight
  • Reinforce Your 3-Year Rule Understanding by Following This Advice
  • Top Your CoP Priority List with Patient Rights Notices
  • Check for These Elements, then Choose HPI Level
  • 4 Frequently Asked Questions Demystify Multiple Gestation Coding
  • If You File with National Government Services, Don't Miss This Policy Reversal
  • Risk Factor and Primary Illness Determine Group Session Coding
  • Pick Group Education Codes by Patient, Provider
  • Don't Let Telehealth Claims Slide: Learn POS Code
  • Master E/M Claims with Advice from Part B MACs
  • Secure Your Systems Against Ransomware or Pay the Price
  • Should PACE Learn Lessons from Hospice Journey?
  • Incident to Audit Checklist
  • And more!

Get the clarity you need for prompt and optimal NPP reimbursement with TCI’s Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018—and grow your bottom line.  

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