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Modifiers Explained

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Master the Complexities of Modifier Coding
Are you struggling with which modifier to use and when? Are you lost in the twists and turns of modifier use? Could you use some help with interpreting your modifier assignments?
Put the struggle behind you with Modifiers Explained, your go-to guide to assigning CPT® and HCPCS modifiers.
Soar to modifier proficiency with page after page, easy-access essentials:

  • Comprehensive list of CPT® and HCPCS modifiers with explanations in everyday language
  • Plain English explanations for each modifier, along with coding tips
  • Industry and medical terms defined for you in the margins
  • Tips on appending modifiers throughout the text
  • Real-life coding scenarios to practice what you’ve learned each step of the way
  • Index for easy reference
  • Dictionary-style headers and bleed tabs for painless navigation
  • Glossary of common billing and coding terms

Modifiers Explained lays out a step-by-step approach to modifier assignments not found in any other book on the subject. The renowned experts at TCI unravel confusing modifiers and offer priceless guidelines to building your knowledge and skillset.
Conquer your modifier challenges with hot topics explained:

  • Billing rules for using modifiers
  • When to use E/M modifiers 24, 25, and 27
  • Prevent mistakes with modifier 33
  • When to use modifier 26
  • The difference between modifiers 51 and 59—and when to look to an X modifier in place of 59
  • Rely on payer input for modifier 32
  • Which special circumstances justify modifier 22
  • How to reduce denials with correct use of modifier 50
  • Understand both sides of modifier 50
  • Surgical modifiers, and when to assign surgical assistant modifiers—80, 81, 82
  • Lab modifiers that capture same-day test payment
  • Know your dos and don’ts for modifier 63
  • The ins and outs of the global surgical period
  • Minimize confusion with modifier 81
  • Updating your chargemaster modifiers
  • Articles for coding modifiers from our expert coding educators
  • And much more!

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