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Modifier Coding Handbook 2018

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You’re Go-to Resource for Accurate Modifier Selection

Even veteran coders make modifier mistakes. In light of new modifiers, ever-changing payer policies, and the rise in modifier-focused audits, navigating the road to modifier success challenges the top coders in the business.

Appending the correct modifier is vital to coding countless services and procedures—not to mention receiving full reimbursement. But there’s a simple fix to your modifier troubles. Now you can confidently know which modifier to select, and when, with the Modifier Coding Handbook 2018.

Whether you’re wondering if you can use modifier 25, confused about choosing modifier 52 or 53, or trying to bring in full reimbursement with modifier 22—the Modifier Coding Handbook 2018 has your answers.

Brimming with essential information, proven strategies, and expert answers to questions from coders like you, the Modifier Coding Handbook 2018 will help you to confidently and correctly append every code every time.

Hone your modifier expertise with vital coverage of the essentials:

  • Go Beyond Just Documentation to Master Modifier 57
  • 3 Answers Clear Up Your Advance Care Planning Coding Confusion
  • Brush Up on ABCs of Smoking and Tobacco-Use Cessation Counseling
  • Know These E/M Rules to Avoid Fracture Care Fails
  • Determine When E/M Is Billable with Screening Colonoscopy
  • Be Sure You're Using Modifier 24 at the Right Time
  • Know When to Append Modifier 25
  • Easily Distinguish Between Modifier 25 and Modifier 57
  • Investigate Whether to Bill for 2 ED E/M Encounters
  • 'Decision for Surgery' Allows E/M
  • Find 'Global Days' This Way
  • Correctly Handle an Injection Due to E/M Encounter
  • Learn When to Bill E/M with Knee Strapping
  • Discern Requirements for Preventive Care/Problem-Focused E/Ms
  • Lesson Learned: Reporting Preventive Service with Problem-Oriented E/M
  • Focus on Date of Surgery, Procedure Type with Modifier 57
  • Debunking Myths About Causes of Hip Surgery Can Maximize Reimbursements
  • Remember Modifier 78 for This Claim
  • Navigate Postoperative Modifiers 78 and 79 With This Advice
  • Arrange Follow-up with Original Surgeon
  • Use Modifiers for Multiple Guidance Types
  • Know All Components Necessary to Reach Extended HPI
  • Let Modifier Q6 Be Your Locum Tenens Friend
  • Check Documentation When Surgical Approach Changes
  • Be Sure to Include Modifier 50 When Bilateral Is Indicated
  • Learn to Distinguish Between Modifiers 58, 76, and 78
  • Complex Sports Injury Codes Can Be Made Easy
  • Situation Details Show How to Code Multiple Services on Same DOS
  • Combine Times for Two Surgeons During a Single Encounter
  • Appendix: CPT® and HCPCS Modifier Definitions
  • And so much more!

Put an end to modifier-related denials. Get fast and optimal reimbursement with TCI’s Modifier Coding Handbook 2018.

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