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Medical Collections Primer

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Your go-to guide to collect your self-pay revenue and reduce your self-pay days in A/R

Now you can collect the revenue you deserve with master-class guidance to successfully navigate the self-pay collections quagmire.

TCI’s Medical Collections Primer, loaded with expert advice, tips, and tools, will raise your practice’s bottom line, crack the copay waiver compliance riddle, help you create an effective financial policy, step up your benefits verification, check your contracts for collections, and capture every allowable non-par dollar.

Command your A/R with the essentials for self-pay collection success:

  • Improve Your Practice’s Bottom Line With 12 Easy-to-Implement Strategies
  • Get Proactive and Capture Every Allowable Non-Par Dollar
  • Tighten Up Your Processes to Increase Your Collections by Thousands
  • 3 Steps to Increase Your Collections Success Rate
  • Field-Tested Training Tips Help You Collect Deserved Cash
  • Follow 4 Tips to Improve Your A/R Process and Boost Your Collections
  • Use This Appeals Letter Template to Collect on Charges with Modifier -25
  • How to Get the Money Every Time and Leave Patients Smiling
  • Coding's Role in Assuring Reimbursement for EMTALA's Mandated Services
  • Consider Patient Payment Plans Rather Than Collection Agencies
  • Overcome Primary vs. Secondary Payer Woes
  • Gear Up with These Deductible Collection Tips
  • Get the Scoop on Billing Before Credentialing
  • Speed Up New Patient Data Capture with 5 Tips
  • Collect on Counseling, Calls by Using Waiver Basics
  • Streamline Copay Collection in 3 Easy Steps
  • Capitalize on 8 Fresh Ideas for Finding Untapped Revenue
  • Remember These Criteria When Hiring a Collection Agency
  • How to Negotiate Health Insurance Contracts
  • Take a Close Look at Payer-Mix Statistics
  • And so much more!

Get business-savvy know-how you can bank on and secure your revenue stream today.
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