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Mastering Patient Flow, 4th Edition - E-Book

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Rely on MGMA’s Bestseller to Improve Your Patient-Centric Practice

Are the operational needs of your staff at odds with the needs of your patients? Can you simultaneously satisfy both? Is it possible to improve patient flow and keep the wheels of your practice turning smoothly?

It’s not only possible, it’s imperative in today’s healthcare climate. Delivering high-quality care for optimum reimbursement demands that you create and sustain patient-centered practice operations.

Whether you’re new to managing patient flow or a seasoned pro, Mastering Patient Flow 4th Edition is your indispensable guide for uncovering opportunities and efficiencies in patient care. This practical, must-read digital book lays out an assessment of the medical practice from the most important point of view—the patient’s. 

Learn how to streamline patient flow to minimize overcrowding, prevent poor handoffs, and avoid delays with Mastering Patient Flow 4thEdition.

Enhance the satisfaction of your patients and staff with advice and tips from the author responsible for creating patient-centered practices around the globe:

  • Optimize patient flow
  • Enhance the admissions process without losing time
  • Sail along with smooth patient flow how-tos
  • Ramp up continuity in primary care
  • Painlessly manage your physician’s time
  • Ensure timely discharge
  • And so much more!

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