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Master Denials Management & Appeals 2018

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Ensure a Consistent Cash Flow with Effective Denials & Appeals Solutions

In today’s healthcare climate, claim denials are an everyday reality. Is your practice buried in a backlog of appeals? Even the best appeals departments struggle to manage the deadlines of ever-growing backlogs.

Learn how to avoid denials, prioritize those denials likely to win an appeal, and establish ongoing processes to prevent future backlogs.

Master Denials Management & Appeals 2018 takes on the burdensome denials challenge with user-friendly guidance and proven strategies that solve the gamut of reasons for denial.

Don’t risk your revenue on a lack of knowledge or training. Rely on Master Denials Management & Appeals 2018 to equip your staff for success. We’ll guide you step-by-step through claim and appeal processes with vital tools that empower your team to ensure optimal reimbursement by selecting the right code at the right time and mastering denial petitions.

Denials & Appeals Management—Keep What You Need to Know at Hand:

  • Conquer denials with effective strategies
  • Defeat documentation and compliance issues for successful claims
  • Pre-claim review—learn the lay of the land 
  • Lock in revenue with face-to-face reimbursement guidance
  • Remove the guesswork from coding & billing across specialties
  • Refine efforts to avoid E/M claim denials
  • Ace ICD-10 coding for optimum reimbursement
  • Put an end to modifier confusion
  • Stave off denials with CCI edits advice
  • Navigate appeals like a pro
  • BONUS: Medicare’s fee-for-service appeals process.
  • And much more!

Denial mayhem can be prevented. Leverage Master Denials Management & Appeals 2018 to secure your hard-earned revenue.

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