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Master Auditing Basics

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Finesse auditing know-how to identify and fix coding problems before insurance or government payers flag your claims.

Mastering Auditing Basics lays out in-depth, step-by-step guidance for effective analysis of medical documentation. TCI experts show you how to perform internal and external reviews of coding accuracy, policies, and procedures to optimize a liability-free practice and ensure prompt and equitable reimbursement.

With this vital resource, you’ll spot outliers before payers find them, safeguard against fraudulent claims and billing activity, and conquer reimbursement deficiencies, as well as opportunities that propel revenue.

Wield proactive measures with expert analysis:

  • Get the inside scoop on government regulations and guidelines—RAC, MUE, NCCI
  • Nail down the OIG’s 2017 work plan
  • Know the ins and outs of corporate integrity agreements and compliance plan guidance
  • Chart out the audit process—type of audit, steps to take, analyzing results, formalizing reports, communicating results, and follow up
  • Protect against kickbacks, civil monetary penalties, and align with the False Claims Act
  • Nail down E/M auditing documentation guidelines
  • Conquer auditing for medicine services, injection procedures, radiology services, and anesthesia services
  • Perfect surgery auditing
  • Master documentation guidelines for medical necessity, signature requirements, teaching physicians, incident-to services, split-shared visits
  • Brush up on coding—diagnosis, CPT®, modifiers, HCPCS
  • Rely on these audit tools and worksheets
  • Hone your auditing skills with real-world exercises

And more!
Don’t wait for third parties to call you on the carpet. Take insightful action with Master Auditing Basics.
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