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How to Lead Your ASC to Excellence and Profitability

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Your go-to resource for strategic and profitable ASC planning

If you’re like most ASC owners, success came without much time devoted to planning for it. Profits, though, have recently dwindled—and you’re looking for help to counter value-based reimbursement, bundled payment programs, hospital and health system acquisition, payer consolidation, out-of-pocket patient payments, and declining reimbursement.

Despite a hostile healthcare market, your ASC remains a wise investment with boundless profitability potential. Lock in your ROI with the ramped-up business acumen found in How to Lead Your ASC to Excellence and Profitability: A Guide to Making the Right Decisions for Your Ambulatory Surgical Center.

TCI business experts lay out easy-to-follow and implement strategies for effective and profitable ASC management.

With How to Lead Your ASC to Excellence and Profitability, you’ll discover unseen opportunities—and problems—and learn how to leverage management decisions to stay ahead of the cost curve, proactively address payor mix and reimbursement pressures, capture ideal volume, and much more.

Safeguard your bottom line and propel revenue growth:

  • 35 ways your ASC may be losing money—and how to correct them
  • Key benchmarks to gauge exactly how you're performing and where you’re heading
  • Red flags to look for with advice to skirt pitfalls that endanger your financial health
  • Field-tested tactics to run leaner
  • Insights to what every financial report should reveal
  • Staffing secrets to comply with regulations, hire and retain the best, reduce turnover, and save money
  • Site planning secrets from experienced administrators
  • Succession planning strategies you can't ignore
  • And more!

Feather your financial nest get and everything you envisioned and more from your ASC with How to Lead Your ASC to Excellence and Profitability.
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