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Hospice Payment Handbook 2017

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All the Expert Guidance You Need in One Essential Resource

No matter how small or large the medical practice, HIPAA compliance scrutiny is tighter than ever. The HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has ramped up efforts to investigate small-scale HIPAA breaches involving fewer than 500 individuals, which means that even unintentional breaches could result in penalties capable of crushing your practice.

With high stakes on the line, you need a resource you can trust. The experts at TCI will keep you out of hot water with the HIPAA Handbook 2017.

Pin Down Risk Areas in Your Practice Before the OCR Does
Ensure that your breach reporting and other HIPAA compliance efforts are up to date. Master HIPAA compliance with the HIPAA Handbook 2017.

Our best-in-class analysis and advice covers these topics and many others:

  • Toolkit: Facts & figures: Here’s how to gauge your cybersecurity preparedness.
  • 5 things you need to do to prepare yourself for heightened OCR scrutiny of small breaches.
  • HIPAA phase 2 audits underway — BAs: You’re next.
  • Nip your ‘unaddressed risks’ in the bud now — or pay dearly later.
  • Is ‘malvertising’ a serious threat to your data security?
  • What’s missing in your risk management plan? Here’s how to find the gaps.
  • Heed 10 expert tips to protect your organization against ‘insider threats.’
  • Case study: Your new HIPAA worry: Violations that could put you behind bars.
  • What is ‘social engineering’ & how is it a threat?
  • And much more! 

Don’t miss out on the critical HIPAA breach, security, enforcement, and audit topics that could jeopardize your practice!

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