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HIPAA Handbook 2018

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Because HIPAA compliance is synonymous with cybersecurity.  

With the proliferation of automated breach weaponry, the likelihood that a cybercriminal is targeting your PHI this very moment is almost guaranteed. Why the interest in your protected health information? Because the names, birth dates, social security numbers, and insurance policy numbers contained in your PHI is more valuable to cyber criminals than credit card numbers.

HIPAA compliance scrutiny is at an all-time high—because cyber threat is real and pervasive. And the new standard for astronomical penalties is the least of your worries. The fallout of a breach could be catastrophic for your practice.

Is your HIPAA security ironclad? Is your breach reporting up to date?

Protect your practice from breaches and penalties with the HIPAA Handbook 2018. TCI experts guide you through the dos and don’ts of compliance. Our toolkits will equip you to master risk assessments, tighten up your electronic health record (EHR) privacy and security, reassess your risk analysis plan, prep for audits, update your business associate agreements, and much more.

Gear up with proactive measures:

  • 3 Common Ways Practices Violate HIPAA & How to Avoid Them
  • Safeguard Against Potential HIPAA Breaches with These Strategies
  • Ensure Internal Protocols Are Ironclad to Stamp Out PHI Exposure
  • Don't Fall Prey to HIPAA Breaches
  • Consult New OCR Guidance on HIPAA Privacy
  • Help Patients Access Their PHI with a New Form From AHIMA
  • Don't Let These Common HIT Gaffes Impact Your Revenue
  • Mail Breach Exposes PHI of Thousands of HIV Patients
  • Be Upfront About HIPAA Violations
  • Conquer Email Compliance Basics or Risk Exposure
  • Protect Yourself and Your EHR Before Disaster Strikes
  • Wield Cybersecurity Awareness Tips from the OCR
  • Ease Patient Requests for PHI with This Form
  • Hurricanes Make HIPAA Hard to Follow
  • Rely on These 7 Tips Part of Your Disaster IT Protocols
  • Toolkit: Check Out the New HHS-OCR Breach Reporting Tool
  • And so much more! 

Aligning with HIPAA security regulation is more crucial than ever. Learn how to recognize and lock down your risk areas with TCI’s HIPAA Handbook 2018.

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