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Handbook for Home Healthcare and Hospice Administration 2017

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Step-by-step guidance to conquer your staffing, billing, regulations, and coding dilemmas.

Crack down on administrative, revenue cycle, compliance, quality, and risk adjustment problems today with the Handbook for Home Healthcare and Hospice Administration 2017.

Rely on our experts at TCI to clear up reimbursement confusion and put you on your way to ethical payments with expert analysis, guidance, and tips. Among the time- and money-saving strategies packed into this vital resource, you’ll get the lowdown on pre-claim reviews and be equipped to sidestep the daily pitfalls that plague home health and hospice providers.

This go-to reference covers the spectrum of issues—from retaining and training staff to rounding up lost revenue and zipping through regulatory updates with ease:
  • Beat nonresponse denials with these 8 tip
  • Accentuate the positive to improve retention
  • 7 Rules for goal-setting success
  • Don’t put off PCR readiness
  • Make your meetings matter
  • Does your employee confidentiality policy violate the NLRA?
  • Avoid GIP denials with these 8 pointers
  • Achieve employee improvement with standardized feedback process
  • Disregard new therapy HCPCS codes, unless you bill Part B
  • Make sure your claims don’t include these value codes
  • Get your information ducks in a row for pre-claim review request submission
  • Beat nonresponse denials with these 8 tips
  • Review PPS basics with free updated tool
  • Know the certifying physician’s OASIS responsibilities
  • Take these 9 steps to prepare for hospice compare
  • Avoid costly human resources mistakes
  • Heed these 10 dos and don’ts for compliance plan success
  • Check your patients’ HbA1c test dates in light of new LCD
  • Steer clear of these 6 HIPAA hot spots
  • Use these measurement tools to bolster data
  • 60-Day Rule can turn your innocent overpayments sinister
  • And so much more!

Get the upper hand on home healthcare and hospice management challenges today!
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