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Gastroenterology Coding Handbook 2017

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Are you aware of the CPT® code changes that replace Category III codes? How about the 400+ codes that no longer include moderate to conscious sedation? Yesterday’s diagnosis codes for intestinal infarcts, hepatic failure, and pancreatitis—to name a few—won’t hold up today.

Let us catch you up to speed. TCI experts tackle the complexities of gastroenterology CPT®, ICD-10-CM and HCPCS coding to make sure your billing brings in the revenue you deserve in the Gastroenterology Coding Handbook 2017.

This comprehensive resource takes you step-by-step through new and revised codes and translates the official guidelines for gastroenterology into an everyday language you can easily digest.

Get the expert advice you need to get paid and prevent claim denials:

  • Hone Your H.Pylori Testing with This Expert Advice
  • Master Screening Colonoscopy Coding in a Jiffy
  • Master 77 Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Codes with a Single Stroke
  • Grab the 3 Must Know GI Codes Within the NCCI Edits Erroneous List
  • Get All Your Answers for Incident to Services
  • Know CPT® Codes for Esophageal Sphincter Augmentation
  • Explore Coding Options for Endoscopic Ultrasound Along with FNA
  • Master ICD-10 Codes for Intestinal Infarcts, Hepatic Failure, and Pancreatitis
  • Hold on to Your Sigmoidoscopy Claims with These Tips
  • Tackle the 2017 Changes in Moderate Sedation Coding
  • Get the Pulse of CPT® 2017 Updates for Gastroenterology
  • Pick Up an Ethical $400 by Applying the Lessons from This EGD Op Note
  • 5 Coding Scenarios Ease Your GERD Coding Heartburns
  • Crack Down on Liver Elastography with This Code
  • Attempted EGD Warrants Modifier 53
  • Another Trip to the OR? See if the Visit Warrants a Modifier
  • And more!

Capture the encounter details you need for fast and full reibursement with the Gastroenterology Coding Handbook 2017.
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