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Evaluation and Management Coding Handbook 2018

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Efficient Solutions for Stubborn E/M Coding & Documentation Challenges

E/M coding is troublesome and frequently results in denials and abuse accusations that could put you in hot water. Identify the pitfalls to avoid over- or under-coding your provider’s services. Nail down the ins and outs of E/M coding — grasp CPT® guidelines, level of service (History, Exam, Medical Decision-Making), modifiers, regulations, and documentation guidelines… and master accurate and compliant coding that maximizes your reimbursement for E/M services.

The Evaluation and Management Coding Handbook 2018 walks you through the maze of rules and regulations, guiding you with in-depth coverage of everything you need to collect and assess the required components of medical history, physical exam, and MDM. Leverage insight from real-life clinical examples to ensure quality reporting once and for all.

Protect your practice against claim denials, subpar reimbursement, and audit scrutiny:

  • Nail down E/M Principles & CPT® Guidelines
  • Master Level of Service (History, Exam, Medical Decision-Making)
  • Refine Your ACP Coding Skills with These FAQs
  • NGS Reverses Original Exam Policy Change Decision
  • Know When to Append Modifier 25
  • Payer Updates Modifier 25 Policy & Reduces Reimbursement
  • Identify the Right Code for This Office Visit
  • Avoid Reporting Both 99385 and 99402
  • Investigate Whether to Bill for 2 ED E/M Encounters
  • Consider This Advice for ABNs
  • 7 Questions to Help You Clarify How You Report TCM Codes
  • Look to 99406 and 99407 for Smoking and Tobacco-Use Cessation Counseling
  • Avoid Reporting Prolonged E/M Services in ED
  • Discover Which Elements are Needed for HPI
  • Get the Skinny on These New CPT® 2018 E/M Codes
  • Get Your TCM Coding Right Every Time with These Handy Tips
  • Decipher Modifier Indicator of 1 in CCI Edits
  • Get to Know 99283 for E/M ED Claims
  • Keep These G Modifiers in Mind for ABNs
  • Determine Correct Modifier for LT Services
  • Correctly Handle an Injection Due to E/M Encounter
  • Grasp documentation guidelines for E/M
  • And much more!

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