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Evaluation and Management Auditing Demystified

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Ensure evaluation and management coding accuracy with E/M auditing skills you can bank on.

Nail down E/M auditing and documentation guidelines—and safeguard your medical practice from claim denials, rework, and compliance issues—with TCI’s Evaluation and Management Auditing Demystified.

From chief complaint to medical decision making—from outpatient to hospital observation and inpatient services to rest home or custodial care services—you’ll learn the rules for effective E/M auditing.

We demonstrate tried-and-true strategies to plot out E/M auditing, as well as how to verify compliance with time documentation, how to avoid documentation trouble spots, how to report face-to-face time, unit time, coding based on time, and more.

Rely on easy-to-follow and indispensable auditing guidance:

  • Learn your way around E/M auditing and documentation guidelines
  • Get the lowdown on government regulations and guidelines
  • Understand CMS’ role in auditing—RAC, MUE, NCCI
  • Get in sync with the 2017 OIG work plan
  • Brush up on corporate integrity agreements
  • Benefit from compliance plan guidance
  • Align with federal laws—Anti-kickback, False Claims Act, and civil monetary penalties
  • Learn the types of E/M codes—with comprehensive coverage from new patient to newborn care services
  • Discern between 1995 and 1997 documentation guidelines
  • Master the three key E/M components—history, exam, and medical decision making
  • Crack down on time, counseling, coordination of care, nature of presenting problem, and medical necessity
  • Nail down coding for diagnoses and modifiers
  • Plot out the audit process—with bonus tools and worksheets
  • Analyze audit results
  • Get more audit practice
  • And so much more!

Equipped with the right knowledge, you’ll be all set to perfect documentation and coding, and conduct successful audits to defy scrutiny and maximize your profitability.
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