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Dermatology Coding Handbook 2017

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Your trusted go-to guide for coding and billing dermatology services

Don’t suffer rework or lose revenue. Capture the encounter details needed for prompt and optimal reimbursement of your dermatology services.

Conquer the complexities of CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS coding — and ensure that your billing is bringing in the revenue you deserve — with the Dermatology Coding Handbook 2017.

Master CPT® Category III codes for destruction of neurofibromas, new and revised ICD-10 codes for postprocedural hematoma, seroma, and hemorrhage, new CCI edits for debridement, and so much more.

Rev up your coding skills with expert advice and best-in-class guidance:

  • Put Locum Tenens Rules to Work for You Using These Tips
  • Stop Melanoma Coding Errors Before They Spread
  • Cut to the Chase with This FBR Coding Advice
  • Know the Difference Between Simple and Complicated I&Ds
  • Don't Just Scrape by with Your Debridement Coding
  • ID Deep Abscess I&Ds with This Info
  • Think a Patient Must Be “Established” Forever? Think Again
  • Limited or Complete ROS? The Answer Could Yield $100 
  • Coding Open Wounds vs. E/M Services
  • Base Coding on HEM, Not Visit Type
  • Know Telemedicine Types Before Considering Codes
  • Separate Procedures, Then Make 59/X Decision
  • Modifier 78 Helps Dehiscence Pay
  • Look for New Hematoma, Redundant Skin Diagnosis Codes
  • Malignant and In Situ Are Different Diagnosis Code Options
  • Spot Additional E/M on Some FBR Encounters
  • Use ‘B’ Code for Underlying Infection
  • Get Patient Involved in Benefits Fixes
  • Keep Incident To, Split Visits Separate with These 3 Tips
  • Look Out for Observation Services That Change
  • Make Your CPT® Code Fit the Procedure with the Right Modifier
  • Go with G Modifiers on ABN Claims
  • Tidy Up Your Debridement Coding with These CCI Bundles
  • Sidestep 'Unprocessable' Denials with These Tips
  • Work This Plan for SNF Office Payments
  • And much more!

Rely on TCI’ Dermatology Coding Handbook 2017 for clean and profitable claim submissions.
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