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CPT® Coding Book for Beginners

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Your go-to guide to learn how to code procedures.
Written in a conversational language that speaks directly to you, this hands-on instructional resource walks you step-by-step through the nuances of CPT® coding to impart a firm foundation for coding success.
Master basic CPT® coding concepts with learning objectives, numerous examples, overviews, and coding reference tools throughout this resource. Understand the basics of procedure coding with ample exercises. The CPT® Coding Book for Beginners has you covered—and is a great resource for coding instructors, as well.
Take the plunge into CPT® coding:

  • Learn your way around the HCPCS code sets
  • Delve into HCPCS Level I codes
  • Understand the CPT® code structure
  • Rid the mystery from HCPCS Level II codes
  • Develop a working knowledge of HCPCS Level I & Level II codes
  • Improve your understanding with anatomical and procedural illustrations
  • Flex your Category I-III muscles with practice exercises
  • Know your code options in the Index
  • Try these space-saving conventions
  • Tackle code descriptions with practice exercises
  • Learn CPT® classifications with practice exercises
  • Navigate the CPT® coding guidelines with instructions
  • Explore pathology and laboratory guidelines
  • Practice coding services in pathology and laboratory
  • Get acquainted with code symbols, deleted codes and text, and resequencing notes
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of CPT® appendices with practice exercises
  • Become familiar with unlisted procedures and services with practice exercises
  • Get the skinny on modifiers with practice exercises
  • Code services and procedures that include time
  • Append Category I codes with practice exercises
  • MACRA – MIPS and APMS – with practice exercises
  • And more!

PLUS—make the grade with:

  • Comprehensive review exercises
  • CPT® modifiers with lay descriptions
  • HCPCS modifiers with lay descriptions

Build your CPT® coding foundation—or get the most from your coding team—with the easy-to-understand explanations, examples, and practice exercises in the CPT® Coding Book for Beginners.   
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