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Comprehensive Sourcebook for Coding Procedures in the Medical Practice 2017

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Packed with real-life coding scenarios, the Comprehensive Sourcebook for Coding Procedures in the Medical Practice 2017 delivers a top-notch education that leaves no coding challenge unexplored.
The TCI experts walk you through hundreds of coding intricacies and complications with step-by-step guidance guaranteed to answer your questions, crack your dilemmas, and clear your confusion.
Hone your coding expertise with exercises across every specialty. Test your coding and billing IQ for anesthesia, evaluation and management, internal medicine, pathology, radiology… urology. Become a coding master with myriad examples, guidance, and reference tools.
This empowering resource takes on the toughest issues in billing, compliance, reimbursement, E/M coding, HCPCS, modifiers, outpatient facilities—and lays out hundreds of practice scenarios designed to up your game! You’ll get CPT® and HCPCS modifiers and lay terms, and so much more.
Conquer ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, CPT®, HCCPS and coding, billing, and reimbursement guidelines:

  • Hundreds of hands-on, real-world coding exercises to practice your coding skills
    • Comprehensive exercises utilizing authentic medical charts
  • Ramp up your coding know-how with expert guidance, advice, and tips in your specialty
  • Master E/M coding concepts with:
    • Checklist to get the HPI information you need
    • Pertinent ROS details with this handy tool
    • Worksheet to quickly add up the MDM points
    • Level of service audit worksheet
  • Test your coding and billing IQ—specialty-specific  
  • Learn CPT® modifiers with lay terms in easy-to-understand language
  • Nail down HCPCS modifiers with lay terms written in plain English
  • Indexed specialty exercises for quick navigation
  • And more!

* The Coding Practice Exercises for Students and Grads 2017 is an excellent—and time-saving—resource for coding instructors.
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