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Coding Emergency Room Visits

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Your next coding challenge has already been solved!
Don’t sweat it. Now you can conquer burn coding, fly through ENT coding, sort through E/M confusion, master critical care coding—and benefit from answers to your most perplexing ED medical coding and documentation difficulties.
Loaded with real-life coding scenarios, Coding Emergency Room Visits walks you through the most obstinate coding challenges to solve your coding dilemmas and equip you to navigate the convolutions of ED coding.
You’ll get tips to code wound closures, expert advice to modify your fracture care coding so it demonstrates the scope of services provided, as well as insider techniques to help with geriatric coding, the ABCs of using the ACP codes in the ED setting—and the list goes on!
TCI experts breakdown diverse case studies to illustrate why some codes don’t work and others do.

  • Consider These Clinical Examples to Help Decide When to Combine Repairs or Report Them Separately
  • Attestation Statements Hold the Key to Accurate Billing
  • Can A Moonlighting Resident Working in the ED Bill Independently?
  • Make the Call: Subsequent Hospital, Outpatient Visit, or Consult?
  • Don't Get Paranoid Over a Paronychia Procedure with an E/M Code
  • Modify Your Fracture Care Coding to Provide the Exact Scope of Services Provided
  • Moderate Sedation Among Biggest Changes for E/M in CPT® 2017
  • Master Telehealth Rules for 2017
  • How to Code for a Patient Presentation When It Appears Nothing is Wrong
  • Know Who Provided and Documented Each Service Before Assigning Codes
  • Not So Fast in Reporting that FAST Exam
  • Watch for the Requirement for Physician Skill Before Reporting Code US Guided IV placement
  • Revive Your Reimbursement for CPR Services with These Tips
  • Look for the Link Before Counting Resident Documentation in Your Code Selection
  • Choose Only One Code for Multiple Observation Providers on the Same Day
  • Check Medical Necessity, Calendar for ED Observation Services that Transcend Midnight
  • Jump These ICD-10 Coding Hurdles for Geriatric Patients in the ED
  • Keep These Charts Handy to Compare Your 2016 and 2017 RVUs For ED Services
  • And much more!

Don’t muddle through your ER coding. Get prompt and full reimbursement with the Coding Emergency Room Visits.
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