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Anesthesia Coders Sourcebook 2017

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Conquer your coding challenges with real-word advice and best-in-class tips.
Tackle anesthesia risks and complications, conquer anesthesia CPT® code selection, sort out anesthesia modifiers, clear up anesthesia claims confusion, and profit from expert how-to guidance that covers the continuum of anesthesia services in TCI’s Anesthesia Coders Sourcebook 2017.
This indispensable and comprehensive resource simplifies the complexities of CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS coding to ensure your billing is precise and earning the revenue you deserve.
Get answers to all your questions—whether they involve codes for moderate sedation bundled with epidurals, the separation of ICD-10 codes for postprocedural hematoma and hemorrhage, or the hundreds of CCI edits that bundle or unbundle your most familiar codes.
Master the gamut of anesthesia coding with these special features:

  • Clear up your confusion of time, base units, and multiple anesthesia services
  • Make use of monitored anesthesia care (MAC) modifiers and anesthesia CPT® modifiers
  • Unravel HCPCS modifier dilemmas
  • Don’t miss the correction to moderate sedation CCI edits
  • Perfect physical status modifiers
  • Grasp coding for preoperative anesthesia services
  • Go beyond the anesthesia care package
  • Tackle coding and billing for multiple anesthesia services
  • Calculate reimbursement for anesthesia
  • Get examples of Medicare’s 2017 conversion factors
  • Take stock of the latest billing and documentation updates for anesthesia services
  • Here’s what to look for before reporting 93503 vs. 36556
  • Post-op pain relief could be coded as 99231
  • Report 99231 once daily, except for catheter insertion day
  • Steer clear of submitting 64487 with 64488
  • How to work through the details, and then select injection guidance code
  • Avoid reporting 27447 with 64447
  • Let payer guide TEE code submission
  • Cancellation rules stay the same, despite self-pay status
  • Confirm details before filing 62273 for same-day blood patch
  • Conduct an internal audit to keep documentation skills sharp
  • List of 2017 CPT® codes that no longer include moderate (conscious) sedation
  • And more!

Defeat claim denials and safeguard your bottom line today!

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