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Tackle CCI 24.0 Edits With Confidence with This FREE Quick-Start Guide

Tackle CCI 24.0 Edits With Confidence with This FREE Quick-Start Guide

Your practice has learned all about 2018 CPT® code additions, revisions, and deletions. But you can’t report those codes correctly unless you know the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI/CCI) 24.0 edits that apply to them. Your 2018 plan must include determining how these edits will impact your practice’s reimbursement this year!


Why? If you aren’t applying the latest updates, you should be ready to face claim denials for improperly reported codes and forfeit reimbursement for missed reporting opportunities.

Need a quick-start guide to educate your staff about the edit pairs and edit rules that could impact your practice’s pay?

Count on TCI SuperCoder’s free 2018 CCI edits whitepaper that packs all the information you need — covering specialties like pathology/lab, cardiology, podiatry, and ob-gyn — in one concise guide. Inside, you’ll not only learn new edits introduced in CCI 24.0 and still effective after Q2 updates, but also get critical insights into how to apply CCI edits so you can them put them to work for your practice.


Get up to speed today with expert coverage of these crucial topics:

  • Get On Board With Massive Edits For Your Lab
  • Implement New Vascular Surgery CCI Edits to Avoid Denials
  • Delve Into Brand-New Anticoagulant, Category III, and Observation Code Edits
  • Implement These Orthotic and Prosthetic Management CCI Edits Before You Face Denials
  • And Much More!


Don’t let inadequate CCI 24.0 knowledge lead to compliance and reimbursement pitfalls. Sign up to grab your FREE copy of this handy whitepaper to ensure you comply with CCI edits in 2018.

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