Local Coverage Determination (LCD) By Locality – DATAFILES

The correct LCDs for your state as mandated by CMS – with quarterly updates!

LCD by Locality Data Files ensure CMS compliance and optimum reimbursement

Ensure accurate medical necessity for services because LCDs are customized for your state, locality, and type of contractor, matching procedure codes to reimbursable diagnosis codes.

Increase reimbursement, save time, and decrease costs by easily reviewing your state and locality’s LCDs for specific services.  

SuperCoder LCD by Locality Data Files help you to:
  • Eliminate denials for lack of medical necessity
  • Decrease time spent searching for LCDs
  • Find LCDs quickly by comparing procedure codes to all applicable diagnosis codes, all in one place
  • Customize data files based on your state, locality, and system requirements
You will have LCD customized data files that show:
  • State and geographical area
  • Contractor name and type
  • LCD title
  • Official CPT® and HCPCS codes
  • Diagnosis codes and descriptors that support medical necessity for specific services
  • LCD instruction reference sheet for reporting specific procedure and diagnosis codes
File Types Provided
  1. Pipe ( | ) delimited .TXT file
  2. .XLS file
Available Formats
  • CD: Order ships within 10 business days from the confirmation order date
  • URL: Acquire the data set right away by downloading the data from a secure web page (internet connection required)
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