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ICD-10-CM Datafile

Download official ICD-10 CM code set in its entirety along with authentic CMS descriptions

Since CMS has not published developer-friendly datafiles, IT staff has struggled delivering the information that coders and providers require for accurate ICD-10-CM coding. But, SuperCoder's coding and programming experts have combined the information into a usable format that saves ICD-10 educators, ICD-10 project managers, and IT staff the hassles of understanding and replicating ICD-10-CM relationship structures.

You get the entire ICD-10 CM code set in its hierarchical format, which includes the actual, complete, and authentic codes from the ICD-10 CM code set as developed by CMS. The real time code set includes all the codes in a similar arrangement as you would find in the Tabular list of the ICD-10 CM code set.

Check out these features and benefits:
  • Ready-to-Add Code Set:  Developer-friendly datafile that provides all the ICD-10 CM incomplete and complete codes in a ready-to-add-to-database format.
  • Code Descriptions:  The  official long descriptions  from CMS for ICD-10-CM code sets add to the usability of the data set.
  • Preserves Hierarchical format:  Provides the code set in its properly arranged format rather than the simple collection of codes that CMS provides.
  • Streamlines Data set Incorporation:  This arrangement of ICD-10 CM code set has been developed by SuperCoder coding and programming experts keeping in mind the need of your coding/billing systems to be able to incorporate the entire datafile into their databases without having to worry about the individual complete or incomplete codes being missed out.
File Types Provided
  1. Pipe ( | ) delimited .TXT file
  2. .XLS file
Available Formats
  • CD: Order ships within 10 business days from the confirmation order date
  • URL: Acquire the data set right away by downloading the data from a secure web page (internet connection required)
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