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Data Files

Accurate, developer-friendly data files for ICD-10, CPT®, HCPCS, CCI, LCDs, and MPFS from the experts at TCI SuperCoder.
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HCPCS Data Set With MPFS - Enhanced


An effortless way to have HCPCS descriptors, MPFS data, and TCI extras in one file

Why get a raw HCPCS level II code list when you can get a budget-friendly data file that connects codes to RVUs, modifier rules, and more? This data file incorporates the top features requested by our clients to improve HCPCS coding and reimbursement, including age- and sex-specific flags manually created by the TCI team.


If you’d like to add to what you see in the sample file, be sure to let our representative know your customization requests. And don’t forget to ask about including updates throughout the year.


Benefits of HCPCS Data Set With MPFS Fields - Enhanced

  • Have up-to-date HCPCS drug, supply, and procedure codes
  • Check MPFS RVUs for Medicare-required HCPCS procedure codes
  • Choose from Excel and text file formats for easy integration
  • Prevent errors caused by mismatches between patient age/sex and code choice
  • Access Medicare modifier rules for each code on the MPFS
  • Improve financial analysis by checking RVUs for your top-reported HCPCS codes

Features of HCPCS Data Set With MPFS Fields - Enhanced

  • HCPCS codes
  • Official short and full code descriptors
  • Data specific to modifiers 26, TC, and 53 for relevant codes
  • Total RVUs for non-facility and facility
  • Global days
  • Modifier 50 (bilateral) and 51 (multiple procedure) indicators
  • Assistant surgeon, co-surgeon, and surgical team modifier indicators
  • Endoscopic base code  
  • Low age limit and high age limit (if applicable) 
  • Sex-specific code flag  
  • Code status such as new, revised, or deleted
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The information in our data files is a combination of official data and the TCI team’s expert analysis. For instance, we have official data such as AMA’s code descriptors for the CPT® code set and Medicare’s relative value units from the physician fee schedule. Our medical coding and IT teams then take that information and create files that make the data easily accessible. We are also able to combine and add to the official data to make it more useful. An example is the CPT® ↔ ICD-10-CM Crosswalk, featuring official codes and short descriptors as well as code combinations carefully reviewed by our experienced medical coding team.
Because we provide data files specific to your requests and needs, the delivery date and pricing will be finalized during our discussions with you. For more information, please click Schedule a Demo or Request a Quote at the top of this page, and submit the form so we can assist you.
TCI SuperCoder is known for providing accurate data that is convenient to use. Because of our online coding solutions and resources for physician offices, facilities, payers, and third-party vendors, we maintain a wealth of coding information. Our data files team is able to take advantage of this data collection to create accurate, customized files quickly, and we pass the money and time savings on to you.
Yes. We offer varying levels of assistance depending on your needs. For ready-to-go files, we may simply help ensure you have the right format and file type for your systems. For more customized products, our team can work with your team to ensure integration is smooth, efficient, and frustration-free.
We’re glad to help! You can get the ball rolling by clicking Schedule a Demo or Request a Quote at the top of this page. You’ll work with a dedicated data files customer representative both before and after purchasing files so you can be sure you’re talking to someone who understands your particular needs.
To create our data files, our internal IT and medical coding teams take the information provided from the data source and compile that data based on your specific requirements. The data source may be CMS, an official code set, TCI-created databases (such as crosswalks), or a combination of the above, depending on the specific data file requested. To ensure quality, an auditor from the coding team reviews the data file. We then go the extra mile with an additional QC check of the data file by a certified professional expert on TCI SuperCoder’s content team.
The answer is specific to your agreement with TCI SuperCoder and the particular data files you select. For instance, if you choose a data file with data that CMS updates quarterly (such as MPFS RVUs or NCCI), you have the option to include quarterly updates in your agreement. Be sure to discuss update options with your dedicated sales representative.