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Fast & Efficient CPT® Code Lookup

With TCI SuperCoder’s CPT® code lookup, you can stop wasting time and energy searching for the correct codes. Our Keyword Code Helper, official AMA CPT® guidelines combined with expert lay terms, and complete code details enable you to locate the right AMA CPT® codes, at the exact moment you need them. Try it today to increase the accuracy of your claims!

Effortlessly Search

Locate the exact AMA CPT® codes you need by searching keywords and codes. With our coder-designed Keyword Code Helper and shortcuts, your online code search is always quick and painless!

Stay Up-to-Date

Be confident in your CPT® 2019 accuracy with our enhanced code information, including annual analysis of additions, deletions, and revisions.

Save Time

Are you tired of wasting valuable minutes of your day trying to find the right procedure code? With our two-three click approach, find the information you need in less time!

Increase Productivity

Access your coding essentials like code descriptors, guidelines, lay terms, illustrations, fees, CCI edits, crosswalks, MUEs, LCDs/NCDs, and personal notes, on one single page.

Achieve Coding Success With Bundle of Beneficial Tools

With CPT® code lookup, you can quickly and efficiently find your AMA CPT® codes, but what happens when you need to search across other code sets? TCI SuperCoder’s Fast Coder gives you access to powerful four-way code search, tying valuable code compliance information to your CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM searches. You also can check fees, crosswalk from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM codes (or vice versa), and see the ICD-10-CM and CPT® codes you’re likely to pair together on Medicare and private payer claims.

Straightforward Code Lookup

Search across four complete code sets to find the perfect code you need through keywords, alphabetic indexes, tables, or range search.

Indispensable Tools

See policies and CMS links for codes with LCD/NCD search. Review RVUs, allowed modifiers, and MUEs with the 7-in-1 fee schedule tool. Review 25 codes at once with CCI Edits Checker.

Education Opportunities

Earn up to 18 CEUs for your AAPC certification with our webinars and Bolt newsletter. Track them in one convenient location.

Customizable Experience

Rearrange your tools, set result preferences, search personal and shared notes, and save your favorite codes.

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