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Accurate, Efficient CPT® 2020 Code Lookup

With TCI SuperCoder’s CPT® code lookup, you can stop wasting time and energy searching for the correct procedure codes. Our Keyword Code Helper, official AMA CPT® guidelines combined with TCI lay terms, and complete code details enable you to locate the right AMA CPT® codes at the exact moment you need them. Plus, with our Fast Coder online coding package, you get automatic code updates throughout the year to help ensure your claims use up-to-date codes and comply with the latest AMA CPT® coding guidelines!

Search Effortlessly

Locate the exact AMA CPT® codes you need by searching keywords and codes. With our coder-designed Keyword Code Helper and shortcuts, your online code search is quick and painless!

Stay Up to Date

Be confident in your CPT® 2020 accuracy with our enhanced code information, including annual analysis by the TCI team of additions, deletions, and revisions to the code set.

Save Time

Find the right procedure code without wasting valuable minutes on endless clicking. With our convenient search bar, you'll get to the information you need in less time!

Increase Productivity

Access your coding essentials like code descriptors, guidelines, lay terms, illustrations, fees, CCI edits, crosswalks, MUEs, LCDs/NCDs, and personal notes on a single page.

Precise CPT® 2020 Code Lookup for Improved Productivity

Choose Fast Coder to get these User-Friendly Features

With CPT® code lookup, you can quickly and efficiently find your AMA CPT® codes, but what happens when you need to search across other code sets? TCI SuperCoder’s Fast Coder gives you access to powerful four-way code search, tying valuable code compliance information to your CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM searches. You also can check fees, crosswalk codes, and see the CCI edits that apply to both Medicare and Medicaid claims.

CCI Edits Checkers

Tackle up to 25 codes at once with tools for Medicaid and Medicare code edits.


Check ICD-10-CM to CPT®, modifier to procedure, CPT® to HCPCS, and NDC to HCPCS, to name a few.

Medicare Fee Schedules

Get more bang for your buck with MPFS, DMEPOS, CLFS, and ASP data, plus MUEs, in one tool.

LCD and NCD Search

Find diagnoses that support a CPT® code. View up-to-date policies and CMS links for your code.

Upcoming and Historical Code Info

Understand code descriptor changes at a glance. Benefit from expert analysis of CPT® updates.

18 CEUs Organized in CEU Tracker

Achieve your CEU goals from webinars and Bolt newsletter quizzes, and track CEUs in one spot.

Customizable Pages

Rearrange tools, set result preferences, search personal and shared notes, ID favorite codes.

Tools Where You Need Them

Access tools from the Coding Tools page, single-tool pages, and code details and listing pages.

AMA CPT® (Current Procedural Terminology)

AMA CPT® Section Numbers and Their Sequences

The AMA develops and maintains the CPT® code set, also known as Level I of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). Providers use the CPT® code set as a uniform method of reporting medical services and procedures. Used in combination with HCPCS Level II codes (for drugs, supplies, and certain procedures) and ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes, CPT® codes play an important role in the process of claiming reimbursement from insurers for healthcare. Medical coding also helps with recording the basics of a patient encounter. Read more


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