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CPT® Codes — Laboratory Analyses

This code range includes CPT® codes for lab services. The American Medical Association (AMA) maintains the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set.

The CPT® codes for lab tests in this range include Proprietary Laboratory Analyses (PLA). There are advanced diagnostic laboratory tests (ADLTs) and clinical diagnostic laboratory tests (CDLTs), covering a range of medical lab test codes.

PLA codes do not have to meet Category I criteria, but the test must be available in the U.S. for use on humans. The clinical lab or manufacturer offering the test must request the code.

You must use a PLA code when it’s available for the lab test you’re reporting rather than using a less appropriate code. In some cases, PLA code descriptors may be identical with only the proprietary name attached to the code serving to identify which code applies to which lab test. PLA codes are released quarterly by the AMA.

CPT® Section Numbers and Their Sequences
Laboratory Analyses
On a CPT® code's hierarchy page, you get to see a medical code's neighbors, including the CPT® codes' official long descriptors. Seeing related codes helps coders choose the correct code, improving their accuracy rate.
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