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CPT® Codes — Multianalyte Assay

This code range includes multianalyte assay CPT® codes. The American Medical Association (AMA) maintains the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set.

The multianalyte assay CPT® codes in this range are multianalyte assay with algorithmic analysis codes. You also may see them referred to as administrative MAAA codes. CPT® lists the administrative MAAA codes separate from other MAAA codes, which you can find in Category I in the 80000 range of CPT®.

Administrative MAAA codes, which have five characters and end with the letter M, are low-frequency analyses that have not yet met the requirements to be Category I CPT® codes. MAAA procedures may be unique to a single lab or manufacturer. MAAA administrative codes are released more than once per year.

If an MAAA procedure does not have a code in Category I or among the administrative MAAA codes, you should use 81599, which represents unlisted MAAA services.

CPT® Section Numbers and Their Sequences
Multianalyte Assay
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