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CPT® Codes — Medicine Services and Procedures

This code range includes CPT® codes for medicine services and procedures. The American Medical Association (AMA) maintains the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set.

The medicine services CPT® codes cover a wide variety applicable to multiple specialties, such as immunization administration, psychiatry services, dialysis, ophthalmology services, cardiovascular procedures, pulmonary procedures, endocrinology services, neurology procedures, genetic counseling, health and behavior assessment, injections and infusions, dermatological procedures, physical medicine and rehab, nutrition therapy, chiropractic treatment, qualifying circumstances for anesthesia, moderate sedation, and home health.

The medicine services code range also includes 99070 for supplies and materials above and beyond those usually provided.

For unlisted medicine procedures or services, meaning those procedures or services that do not have a more specific and appropriate CPT® code available, the CPT® medicine code range includes a long list of codes, from 90399 for unlisted immune globulin to 99600 for unlisted home visit services and procedures.