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CPT® Codes

What's the advantage of seeing a list of CPT® codes? A CPT® codes list makes it easy to compare! The difference between CPT® codes' descriptors can be small, but choosing the wrong CPT® codes can have big consequences for your accuracy rates. And don't forget about reimbursement. A few words in a descriptor can have a major impact on a code's value.

You also can use our clickable ranges as an efficient starting point for your CPT® coding. Find the right CPT® section and subsection, and then drill down until you find the single procedure code that matches your documentation.

Smart tips: On our CPT® code range pages, you can enter and view personal notes right with a code and access a code's details page with one click. If your subscription includes CCI edits, fees, and crosswalks, you can open those tools in pop ups without having to leave the CPT® range page! And be sure to set your account to open the CPT® listing page as your default view after a code search if you prefer CPT® range pages to details pages. Those are just a few of the workflow-enhancing features included in TCI SuperCoder online packages!