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UB-04 Scrubber for Facility for $499.95 per year

Total Price: $499.95

Quickly correct errors and submit clean claims for your facility, avoiding claim processing delays.

Frequent changes in facility coding rules make keeping up with the medical coding and billing regulations nearly impossible. But with Scrubber for UB04, you’ll never have to worry about a missed update or regulation.

This powerful claim-scrubbing tool can even run hundreds of medical edits and code pairs for every single claim!

Inadequate Service Data? Not a Problem with SuperScrubber for UB04

That’s right! No need to spend hours searching for information on the services provided to a patient - SuperCoder's Scrubber for UB04 will sniff out missing charges and even remind you of facility codes you may have missed. Simply enter your encounter data into our electronic version of the UB-04 to get instant verification!


This powerful medical coding pre-clearinghouse scrubber also gets you:

  • The entire list of revenue codes so you don’t need to remember the exact revenue code or look up other resources to choose the most appropriate code.
  • Complete lists of “Type of Admission” and “Type of Bill” codes to help you choose the correct codes faster.


Plus all these benefits your peers have already discovered in Scrubber for UB-04:

  • An easy-to-use UB-04 like interface
  • Spot-on facility coding compliance
  • Decreased costs of re-filing denied claims
  • Real-time results for easier pre-clearinghouse fixes
  • Easy-to-follow instructions to solve facility coding errors.


And you have the added security of knowing that your data is extremely secure with our 100% HIPAA compliant facility coding solution.


SuperCoder Scrubber for UB-04 scrubs claims for top denial triggers and suggests compliance-increasing fixes such as:


Code Validation

  • Checks if ICD-10-CM code is valid for date of service
  • Ensures claims aren’t denied due to missing characters
  • Checks if ICD-10-PCS code is valid for date of service


Coding Guidelines Prevents claims denials from:

  • External cause code misordering
  • Z code incorrect order


Medicare Inpatient Code Edits Warns of denial due to:

  • ICD-10-CM code and gender conflict
  • ICD-10-PCS code and age conflict
  • ICD-10-PCS code and gender conflict


Medical Necessity

  • Procedure to diagnosis code CrossRef using top diagnoses submitted to insurers


Patient Demographics

  • Age
  • Date of service
  • Gender

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