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Product Details

Pre-clearinghouse claims cleaner reduces rework time, processing fees

Relying on only CCI edits to clean claims can result in denials and improper coding. For complete claim checking, coders and billers need a weapon that combines CCI with the logics of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, CPT® concepts, LCDs, NCDs and more.

SuperCoder's CMS 1500 Scrubber for Real-Time and Batch Processing identifies common error denial reasons for cleaner clearinghouse claim submissions which means decreased claims rework time, clearinghouse submissions, and filing costs. Your compliance officer can be confident in increased coding and billing compliance.

Optimized for real-world workflow, coders can simply enter any claims data for instant feedback with the included Real-Time format or a biller can avoid data reentry by uploading multiple medical claims in xml or ANSI 837. The data is instantly imported into SuperCoder's powerful Real-Time Scrubber where the biller can adjust each claim and then export the scrubbed claims back into your system.


CMS 1500 Scrubber for Real-Time and Batch Processing rolls 50+ rules from 13+ references into one tool.

Includes two Scrubber formats:

  • Real-Time so a coder or biller can manually enter individual claim data for instantaneous advice
  • Batch Processing eliminates manual entry time with direct upload of a batch of claim files in 837 or xml format into the Real-Time Scrubber for feedback on all and post-adjustment exporting back into user's system


Checks a CMS 1500 claim for more than 50 edits

  • CPT® concept checking that goes beyond CCI to reveal disallowed combos per AMA
  • Physician Fee Schedule code status errors that alert the coder to non-billable Medicare combinations
  • Medical necessity verification against LCD, NCD, and CPT®↔ICD-9/ICD-10 CrossRef featuring private payer.
  • Modifier crosswalk to check for proper usage of modifier 24, 25, 59 and more
  • Faster fixing of claims due to easy-to-understand  language - no Clearinghouse jargon
  • Trusted logic developed by the Coding Institute certified auditors


Real-Time Benefits

The Scrubber Real-Time format delivers these benefits and features:
  • RT scrubber allows users to scrub cases with either ICD 9 or ICD10 diagnosis codes
  • SuperCoder unique format shows advice as you enter code data
  • Feedback alongside code eliminates scrolling to view bottom report

Real Time Scrubber Format

  • No need to align report with associated claim field
  • Instant code combo checking thanks to optional patient demographics


Batch Features

With the Batch Scrubber coders and billers enjoy these benefits and details.

Batch Claims List

  • Available through API for direct working between SuperCoder's Scrubber and your system - call a sales representative to discuss custom Application Program Interface (API) options popular with providers, healthcare plans, third-party vendors and researchers.



Users & Pricing

  • Annual pricing includes scrubbing 400 claims per month
  • Low cost usage charges for high volume claims (401 claims and more) billed/invoiced monthly
  • No restriction on number of nonsimultaneous users who can login to the account
  • Call for bulk discounts on purchase of multiple concurrent user licenses (discounts offered on only the subscription fee).


Claims per Month Charge per Claim
1-400 $0.00
401-5,000 $0.08
5,001-25,000 $0.07
25,001-50,000 $0.06
50,001-100,000 $0.05
100,001+ $0.04

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