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Get the power of the all-new Physician Coder with a scrubber. Physician Coder connects Code Search with CPT® Assistant, Fee Schedules, Real—Time Scrubber CMS 1500, Coding Tools, and one Coding Alert of your choice — all on the same site, for one low price!

A Physician Coder Power Pack subscription gets you:


One Physician Coder - Pick a Specialty Coder from 25 specialties and get everything you need - CCI Edits Checker, 5-in-1 fee schedule, LCD/NCD lookup, CPT↔ICD-9 CrossRef, ICD-10 Bridges, and more - to work profitably from your desktop. This resource also includes expert guidance from a Coding Institute coding or compliance newsletter offered in 25 specialties.
Code Search Look up codes by keyword, code, or index entry with the all-new SuperCoder Code Search that provides descriptions, guidelines, symbols, and ICD-10 code search, too.
  • CPT®
  • CPT® code Lay Terms and Illustrations
  • ICD-9 Vol. 1 and 2
  • ICD-10-CM

Newsletters - Get online access including new content and archives to help your practice earn every dollar it deserves. The newsletters will get you specialty-specific coding guidance from CPC®-certified professional coders, including monthly coding news, analysis, and practical examples specific to your chosen specialties.
Code Connect ($199.95 value) - Enter a CPT® code and immediately get all of the CPT® Assistant articles that the American Medical Association has published on the code since 1990.

Coding Tools – Stay in compliance using these handy all-embracing and effective coding tools in one power pack.
  • LCDs – See any LCD’s allowed diagnosis codes plus complete policy text on the same site
  • NCDs – Shows diagnosis codes included in any National Coverage Determinations for a CPT® code
  • Modifiers Crosswalk – Check allowed CPT® and CMS modifiers for CPT® and HCPCS codes
  • ICD-10 Bridge
  • CPT® ↔ HCPCS Crosswalk – Alerts you to associated drug and supply codes for CPT® codes and vice versa
  • CPT↔ICD CrossReference – Decrease denials by checking for top reported diagnosis codes for a CPT® code
  • CCI Edits Checker – Quickly check CCI-allowed CPT® and HCPCS code combinations sorted in descending order by Relative Value Units (RVUs)

Fee Schedules - Get the power of 5 fee schedule tools in one place to rid all your fee-related headaches.
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS)
  • Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs)
  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLAB)
  • Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics/Orthotics & Supplies (DMEPOS)
  • Average Sales Price (ASP)

Scrubber (real-time) - Check claims for thousands of issues in one swoop with the scrubber for CMS 1500:
  • The much-improved CMS 1500 Real-Time Scrubber combines CCI with the logics of the Physician Fee Schedule, CPT® concepts, LCDs, and more.

14 Survival Guides - Stay on top of each specialty's top procedures, diagnoses, and payer variations and maintain your CPC® using these online specialty and topic guides offering 1 AAPC-approved CEU each.
  • Cardiology Survival Guide
  • Coding and Reimbursement Survival Guide
  • Evaluation and Management Survival Guide
  • Gastroenterology Survival Guide
  • General Surgery Survival Guide
  • ICD-9 Specialty Guide
  • Ob-Gyn Coding Survival Guide
  • Otolaryngology Survival Guide
  • Part B Insider Survival Guide
  • Pathology Laboratory Survival Guide
  • Pediatric Coding Survival Guide
  • Physician Coding Update
  • Radiology Coding Survival Guide
  • Urology Survival Guide

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