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Be confident in your code choice. This comprehensive coding solution brings together online code search, compliance tools, and Neurosurgery Coding Alert, which all work together to produce cleaner claims.

Neurosurgery Codes

Find codes faster with simultaneous search of four code sets plus simple options to sort and narrow results. Neurosurgery coding is less complicated when you’ve got the right resource.

  • On the spot lookup for CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM
  • Lay terms to help you match codes to neurosurgery procedures
  • Neurosurgery code updates integrated into search and listed for easy access
  • Details and range pages for codes and top neurosurgery modifiers, too

Neurosurgery Coding Alert

Link to relevant articles right from your code’s page when you choose this all-in-one, neurosurgery-focused resource. Expert guidance gives you in-depth understanding of your specialty’s codes.

  • New articles each month keep you in tune with the latest developments
  • Archives extending back to 2000 provide a wealth of information
  • Neurosurgery case studies, tips, reader questions, and update analysis
  • 14 Survival Guides, including ICD-10-CM and Part B

Latest Articles From Neurosurgery Coding Alert

  • Spinal Coding : Become an Expert at Counting Vertebral Segments and Interspaces to Safeguard Your Claims
  • CPT® : 3 Tips Sharpen Your Depressed Skull Fracture Repair Smarts
  • Documentation : Improve Your Neurosurgery Practice’s by Emphasizing HPI, ROS, and A/P
  • CPT® : Always Read Op Report Carefully to Avoid 3 Common Laminectomy Errors
  • Quiz : Answer 4 Quick Questions to Conquer NF1, NF2, and Schwannomatosis Claims
  • E/M 2021 : 5 Tips Safeguard Your Neurosurgery Practice for Looming 2021 E/M Changes

Increase Productivity With Everything in 1 Place

Time really is money when you’re submitting codes for reimbursement. Don’t let workflow inefficiencies slow you down! This neurosurgery coding tool integrates codes, tools, and guidance for speed and accuracy.

Code Search & Code Constructor

Search by code or keyword, or click through Code Constructor’s simple lists to find the right code.

Code Descriptors With Official Guidelines

Get complete, authoritative information straight from the official source for each code set.

Lay Terms From Certified Experts

Feel confident in your code choice after reading the plain English explanation from the TCI team.

Medicare & Medicaid
CCI Edits Checkers

Enter up to 25 codes to catch edits, research modifier indicators, and see results that help prevent denials.

Medicare Fee Schedules &
Global Days Calculator

Use a single tool to find MPFS, CLFS, DMEPOS, and ASP data, plus MUEs. And calculate end-dates fast for MPFS global periods.


Confirm coverage for your code with same-site access to Medicare’s local and national policies.

Code Crosswalks & Claim Scrubber

Check for common code pairs in our crosswalks, and use our scrubber to catch denial triggers.


Improve workflow with rearrangeable tools, Favorite Code lists, and many other coder-requested features.

Think Outside the Search Box With TCI SuperCoder

Smart Assistant
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