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LCD Lookup

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Increase Coding Speed and Correctness with Online CPT® code Search and Guidance

Exceed your day's claims quota and accuracy rate with CPT® code searching tied to official descriptions, straightforward explanations, and Medicare policies. All the medical coding information you need in one place so you code better, faster.

Get just what you need from these economical, info-packed SuperCoder products.
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Fast Coder for Beginning Coders

Fast Coder connects a CPT® code with payment-protecting guidance from 4 compliance essentials.

  • No more modifier, drug code mysteries! Make perfect combos using CPT®⇔Modifiers and CPT® ⇔ HCPCS
  • Denial Ditcher: Quickly comply with a CPT® code’s allowed ICD-10 codes with LCD Lookup
  • Decreased Audit Risk: CCI Edits Checker and MUEs ensure the right CPT® coding combo.

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Physician Coder for Advanced Coders

Physician Coder combines Fast Coder with a Coding Alert and 2 medical coding tools to keep your specialty coding on track.

  • Info Sorter: Read the latest coding changes and practical strategies that pertain just to your specialty with each issue’s Coding Alert — choose from 30+ specialties
  • Forget rate hassles. 7-in-1 Fee Schedule tool automatically applies the right fee to the CPT® code.
  • Dodge #1 Denial Reason: ICD-10 CrossReference gets you the right CPT®-ICD-10 code pair in seconds.

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