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LCD Lookup

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Comply With Local Medicare Policies and Support Payment for Your Claims With Easy Access to LCDs

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Get just what you need from these economical, info-packed SuperCoder products.

Improve your speed and your accuracy rate with CPT® code search tied to official descriptions, straightforward explanations, CCI edit lookup, and Medicare LCD search. With all the medical coding information you need in one place, you code better, faster.

Fast Coder for Codes and Tools

Fast Coder connects CPT®, HCPCS, and ICD-10-CM codes with payment-protecting guidance from compliance essentials.

  • One-click code search
  • Medicare LCD lookup to check policies and supported ICD-10 codes
  • Code, modifier, and NDC crosswalks
  • CCI edits tool, fee schedule data, and MUEs to support coding and unit accuracy

Physician Coder for Specialty Guidance Added to Your Codes and Tools

Physician Coder takes everything you get with Fast Coder and adds a CMS 1500 scrubber, a specialty Coding Alert, and coding Survival Guides to take your coding accuracy over the top.

  • LCD search tool, plus LCD tab on code pages
  • The latest coding changes and practical strategies in your specialty Coding Alert — 20+ options
  • MPFS, CLFS, DMEPOS, ASP, NCCI, MUEs, crosswalks
  • Claim scrubber that checks your LCD-supported ICD-10/CPT® pairs


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