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Fee Schedules

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Determining which Medicare fee schedule applies to your CPT® or HCPCS code isn’t always simple. Even if the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule is your go-to, you’ve got to keep tabs on more than dollars and cents. The MPFS is your home for key compliance info, like global days and modifier indicators, ensuring your coding and reimbursement are accurate.


Make it simple to find what you need by getting fee schedules tied to your online code search! With Fast Coder and Physician Coder, you get a single fee schedule tool that automatically searches multiple Medicare fee schedules to bring up the correct results for your code. And you can access the information right on your code’s page or by using a search tool, so checking the fee schedule slides seamlessly into your workflow.


  • Single search, lots of fee schedules: Check your code instantly against MPFS, CLFS, ASP, and DMEPOS data.
  • Automatic updates: Know that you’ve got the current official fee info for your code with updates added each quarter.
  • Historic info, too: Search quarterly fee data going back as far as 2007 to assist with completing claim backlogs and appeals.
  • More about money: Get national and local fee amounts (choose a default location!) along with MPFS facility and nonfacility RVUs as part of this CMS physician fee schedule lookup.
  • Practitioner and DME MUEs: Compare your units to Medicare’s medically unlikely edits to avoid denials triggered by going over allowed limits.
  • Integrated into online coding solutions: Find fees on your code details page, code listing page, Coding Tools page, or the Fee Schedules page. CCI Edits Checker and Physician Coder’s claim scrubber show MPFS RVUs and fees, too!
  • MPFS: See the conversion factor, code status, fees and RVUs (including 26, TC, and 53), global period info, endoscopic base code, modifier rules, and more to create cleaner Part B claims.
  • CLFS: Get details from Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule columns including modifier, indicator, and payment rate.
  • ASP: View the HCPCS code dosage and payment limit from the Average Sales Price file for Part B covered drugs.
  • DMEPOS: Find rural and nonrural data on fees, jurisdiction, and category for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies.
  • MUEs: Prevent denials by checking practitioner and DME medically unlikely edits for your code, plus see the MAI and the MUE rationale for better understanding.


Accurate medical coding leads to accurate medical reimbursement, and the TCI SuperCoder fee schedules tool helps you with both! You can count on our fee schedules tool to provide up-to-date RVUs and fees along with even more key information like MUEs and MPFS modifier indicators. And you get it all in one convenient location when you choose Fast Coder or Physician Coder as your online coding solution!


Find More Than Fees With Fast Coder and Physician Coder

Fast Coder - The fee schedules tool is one of the most popular resources in our flexible online coding solutions. With Fast Coder, you also get powerful medical code search, CCI Edits Checker, several coding crosswalks, LCD and NCD lookup, upcoming and historical code data, and AAPC-approved CEUs. For an enhanced specialty focus, choose Physician Coder to get all the Fast Coder tools plus a specialty newsletter and more CEUs! Whichever one you decide is right for you, you’ll enjoy customization options like rearranging tools on the page, setting code search result preferences, adding your own notes, and creating a favorite codes list.


What Are Fee Schedules?

Medicare fee schedules list the fees Medicare pays to providers for services to Medicare beneficiaries. The final reimbursement the provider receives may vary from the national fee schedule depending on several factors, such as adjustments made for geographic location, payment-affecting modifiers appended to the paid code, and the combination of codes reported on the claim. Fee schedules also may provide information other than fees, including which modifiers Medicare accepts on the code and code coverage status.

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