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One-Stop E/M Auditing: Find the Correct Level and Ensure Compliance

Looking for ways to increase E/M audit productivity and coding accuracy? Want to be sure codes comply with E/M guidelines but tired of the paperwork nightmare?
Solution: Automate tedious E/M coding step-by-step with EM Auditor. Quick screen navigation gives options to assign levels to the key components or time for coding or auditing. EM Auditor combines logics from 14 different audit tools, including the Marshfield Clinic point system, into one E/M calculator. EM Auditor also gives practical coding advice to meet compliance and medical necessity requirements for office visits, consultations, counseling services, and more.
Eliminate the auditing challenge of finding the E/M guideline that matches the provider's code. EM Auditor finds it for you. You’ll also get every CPT® code's relative value units and fees for physicians and facilities, official descriptor, code details, and diagnosis crosswalk codes.


5 Essential Benefits of EM Auditor

  • Increased Productivity: Automatically calculates levels using 1995 and 1997 documentation guidelines to fully support E/M encounters
  • Zero Overpayments: Alerts you when to code based on time so you don’t have to repay insurers for incorrect claims
  • Improved Documentation: Details CMS and CPT® documentation guidelines to instantly support compliance audits
  • High-level Compliance: Intuitively adjusts ROS scores for high-level codes to meet compliance requirements and withstand audit scrutiny
  • Expertly Endorsed: Provides authoritative E/M guidance that SuperCoder and the Coding Institute auditors and coders rely on for thousands of clients


Plus - More Time Savers:

  • Includes psychiatric and ophthalmology codes with E/M components
  • Provides options for 4 types of 1995 exams - CMS, Marshfield Clinic, Noridian and Novitas
  • Compares the client’s to reviewer’s E/M codes
  • Lists the 1995 and 1997 exams by gender
  • Displays commonly used terms and abbreviations for exams


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HEM, Time-Based, Critical Care, and Final Code Screens

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Client Code Info.. Client-reported code does not match with the type of service selected in "Patient Data" screen. No comparison between client code and system generated code is possible for this reason. In this case, the tool marks the client's code in red font, and does not indicate any red/green flag with system-generated code.