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Includes ICD-10-PCS Search
  • Index incomplete code links instantly take you to the right table
  • Color-coded Character Definitions make spotting code family differences easy
  • Info from Official Conventions and Section Guidelines shown at code level
  • Color-coded Body Part for fast identification when connecting from index incomplete code to table
  • ICD-10-PCS GEMs and Reimbursement Mapping Crosswalks
  • Device and Body Part Handy References linked to each code to increase coding accuracy
  • The tools you need to find ICD-10-PCS codes in record time
  • Developed by AHIMA ICD-10-PCS Certified Instructor Trainers to speed PCS code lookup and understanding
Turns Your Hospital Coding into a Well-Oiled Machine

Coding capabilities in an EMR often are insufficient for the details coders and nurses require for compliant coding. That's where SuperCoder's DRG Coder designed by coding analysts steps in with an efficient, intuitive replacement to coding books. This online reference is always up-to-date, unlike CDs, and offers:

  • Simple Lookup by Code or Keyword: Look up thousands of abbreviations like CABG or DM and search instantly across CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10, ICD-9 Vol 1 & 3, and DRGs
  • Related DRGs: After a DRG official descriptor, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) specialists can view DRGs that differ solely based on patient condition alerting nurses to, for instance, major complications or comorbidities (MCCs or CCs) that qualify for higher DRGs and more pay
  • Forward and Backward Mapping: Both coders and nurses can lookup information the way they think by CPT® to ICD-10 to DRG or the reverse
  • No update hassles: This web-based solution is always up to date including LCDs, NCDs, MCEs.
  • Special benefits for CDI nurses with color-coded OR procedures that alert them to status without leaving DRG page.
  • Group Note Sharing: Forget downtime due to copying one year's notes to the next year's books. DRG Coder is the only coding solution to allow multi-user accounts to share notes on code neighborhood pages for a big picture view. All notes are time and date stamped and editable by an administrator. Individuals can opt to share or privatize their notes.
  • A Coding Development Team That Works for You: From custom search settings that mimic code book lookup to revenue codes on CPT® code details pages to flexible layouts to see the tools you want first, SuperCoder's coding team strives to meet customers' requests for systems that ease workflow.
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