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Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary $49.95 $39.9 Annually (Introductory Offer)

Don’t let confusing medical jargon slow you down or point you to the wrong code. We’ve got a proven solution to help you decipher chart note terms so you can work efficiently to bring in accurate reimbursement. Subscribe to Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary as a standalone product, or add it to your TCI SuperCoder online coding package.

Simple Search for Complex Terms

Find clear definitions for medical terminology fast. Enter your term in the convenient search bar, and speed your work by selecting an entry from the drop-down list that appears.

  • Straightforward definitions from Dorland’s, a highly respected source
  • Meanings for medical terms, prefixes, and suffixes
  • A list of matches related to your term to assist your research
  • Links within definitions so you can dive deeper with one click

Medical Illustrations to Improve Understanding

Benefit from the many medical images in this illustrated dictionary! Save time by getting at-a-glance information about anatomy and procedures from drawings by expert medical illustrators.

  • Trusted medical illustrations and images that enhance knowledge
  • Labels to explain anatomy and procedures shown
  • Image placement directly under definitions for easy viewing
  • Links in relevant definitions to plates for more detailed illustrations

Easy Access to the Information You Need

Streamline finding up-to-date explanations for healthcare terms. With this online medical dictionary, you’ll have definitions and illustrations at your fingertips.

  • Comprehensive with more than 120,000 well-defined entries and 1,500 clear illustrations
  • Accurate, updated definitions written with a focus on usefulness
  • Effortless term lookup with convenient search box
  • Instant results online with no bulky book to store

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