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Quick & Simple CCI Compliance

Checking your claim for National Correct Coding Initiative edit conflicts is an absolute must to prevent denials for both Medicare and Medicaid coding. You need tools that make this task as efficient as possible, letting you see everything you need to know at a glance. TCI SuperCoder’s Medicare CCI Edits Checker and Medicaid CCI Edits Checker are the solution. These coder-designed CCI (aka NCCI) tools make it easy to download a PDF of the results and check Medicare and Medicaid CCI edits for up to 25 codes at a time.

Up-to-Date Edit Lookup

Count on prompt quarterly CCI updates that ensure you have the latest PTP coding edit info. For Medicare code edits, you can check back to 2011 by choosing the version from a dropdown list.

Color-Coded Analysis

Instantly see which codes CMS bundles for practitioner reporting. Color coding lets you know in a flash which edits you can override by using HCPCS or CPT® modifiers.

Trusted Guidance

Feel confident in your coding choices by reviewing the edit rationale, NCCI policy manuals (Medicare and Medicaid), and code lay terms, available with your results.

Dollars and Cents

For each code entered in the Medicare tool, view available MPFS RVUs, national MPFS rates, and rates for the geographic location of your choice. Save a default location with one click!

Packaged With Useful Features You’ll Love

Claims can’t succeed on just a CCI check, so many of TCI SuperCoder’s online coding packages combine the Medicaid and Medicare CCI edit tools with other essential coding resources. To help improve workflow, TCI SuperCoder makes it simple to customize the arrangement of your coding tools. And you can access the tools in a way that makes sense to you — on code details or listing pages, on an all-in-one Coding Tools page, or on dedicated tool pages. Plus you can earn 18+ CEUs for your AAPC certification with education from webinars and the Bolt newsletter, depending on which package you choose.

Fast Code Lookup

Speed to the code you need with SuperCoder’s Keyword Code Helper. Find CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM codes with a single search. Streamline by using the narrow and sort options.

Top-Notch Tools

Meet your compliance goals with NCD/LCD search. Get detailed Medicare fee data and MUEs in the fee schedule tool. Confirm reporting choices using easy-access modifier lists and code crosswalks.

Personal & Shared Notes

Create and view your personal notes for proper code use on code details and listing pages. Share important coding rules and tips within your team by using the group notes option.

Universal Search

From a single search box, search for codes, guidelines, lay terms, personal notes, and historical code information. Review results without any confusing clutter thanks to user-friendly tabs.

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