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Check Up to 25 Codes for CCI Edits in 1 Go to Boost Compliance in No Time Flat

Staying up to speed on quarterly CCI changes is a cornerstone of a solid compliance plan.

Complying with the edits and analyzing them quarterly is a major time and financial burden for coders, providers, and physician practices. Now there’s an easy answer!

* Requires minimum 3 month subscription.

Fast Coder Provides CCI Edit Checker and Code Info – All on One Page

With Fast Coder under your fingertips, your compliance risk will plummet and your coding efficiency will skyrocket. This value pack delivers CCI Edits Checker tied to complete code lookup packed with details like Relative Value Units (RVUs) and Lay Terms. Fast Coder must-have benefits include:

  • Saves time by checking all edit combinations of up to 25 codes at a single click
  • Decreases downtime and data input error with all NEW single entry box that lets coders simply copy and paste comma–separated codes from their own files
  • Reduces CCI edit result confusion by showing allowed, unallowed, modifier allowed codes in bold, intuitive colors
  • Speeds CPT® code research thanks to highly praised drop down tab that reveals code's Lay Terms on the same page – Top Requested Improvement Now Available
  • Keeps money in your pocket and relieves headaches for staff by combining CCI edits and 2016 medical codes – all updated automatically

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Physician Coder Also Explains CCI Edits Including Update Analysis, Modifier Scenarios

Reading CCI edits results is not the final puzzle piece in complying with the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI). Physician Coder is the revolutionary solution that packs specialty specific CCI code update analysis and tons of how-to coding examples to stay up to speed and understand CCI edit results. This online coding solution combines Code Search, Fast Coder, and a Coding Alert to help coders:

  • Collect every dollar compliantly with quarterly CCI updates including deleted, reversed, and new edits by tuning into monthly articles from 1 Coding Alert
  • Work faster by connecting CCI Edits Checker codes with same-page articles going back to 1999 that explain CCI edits as well as CPT® and payer variations
  • Reduce denials using real-world modifier scenarios tailored to your specialty – pick from more than 20+ specialty Coding Alerts
  • Verify payback requests with CCI versions going back to CCI 17.0 January 2011 – an auditor must!
  • Meet every day’s quota with LCDs, 7 fee schedules, 4 codesets, ICD-9 crosswalk, and CMS transmittals – all on one site.

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Outpatient Facility Coder Gives ASC Coding Essentials

OPPS payments will be under the magnifying glass in 2016 and beyond but with Outpatient Facility Coder your payments can withstand auditor scrutiny. This medical coding solution features a fail-safe OPPS CCI checker, plus surgery center and specialty-specific guidance coupled with code search, LCDs, diagnosis code cross reference, and more. This workhorse is an ASC coder must-have because it:

  • Streamlines coding with OPPS edits tied to articles from one monthly Coding Alert, ASC code allowances, and corresponding APC codes – all on easy-to-navigate drop down tabs
  • Features monthly OPPS coding news and guidance reviewed by renowned OPPS coding consultant Sarah L. Goodman, MBA, CHCAF, CPC-H, CCP, FCS
  • Reduces the chance of committing the #1 OIG OPPS error by featuring auditor-recommended OPPS CCI vs CCI location reminder
  • Leaves money in the surgery center or emergency department's pocket by combining all OPPS and physician coding services in one economical pack
  • Provides seamless Part A and Part B coding with same-page switching between OPPS CCI and CCI.

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