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Stay up to date on all the cardiology subspecialties you code with this online resource’s combination of convenience and function. You get cardiology coding articles linked to codes and compliance tools in one do-it-all package!

Cardiology Codes

Take the effort out of keeping your code sets current. We’ll handle the updates throughout the year and post code-by-code analysis of CPT® changes, too.

  • Cardiology CPT® codes, cardiology ICD-10 codes, and cardiology HCPCS codes in one spot
  • Stay ahead of the game with access to cardiology code updates before their effective dates
  • CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM one-click lookup
  • Plain English lay terms that describe what your code represents

Cardiology Coding Alert

Cardiology Coder also includes Cardiology Coding Alert to keep you aware of the most recent guidance. Articles offer how-to tips and analysis so you know how news applies to you.

  • New issue available each month to keep you informed about cardiology coding updates
  • Guidance on cardiac caths, coronary interventions, electrophysiology, and peripheral vascular
  • Searchable archives featuring all articles since 1998
  • Cardiology Coding Survival Guide included, too, with annual updates

Latest Articles From Cardiology Coding Alert

  • HCPCS : Focus on Arteriovenous Fistula Creation Level II Updates
  • ICD-10 : 5 Tips Guide Your Hypertensive CKD and Pulmonary Hypertension Claims
  • Documentation : Boost Your Medical With HPI, ROS, and A/P Enhancement
  • COVID-19 : Learn How to Code Confirmed Cases of With New ICD-10 Guidelines
  • CPT® : Report Endovascular Repair of Infrarenal Abdominal Aorta Correctly Every Time
  • E/M 2021 : Boost Your Knowledge by Busting 5 Myths About Upcoming Changes

Save Time & Money With Cardiology Coder’s Collection of Resources

Cardiology codes and Cardiology Coding Alert are crucial to coding success, but they aren’t all you get with this cardiology coding tool. You get a complete online coding solution to prevent denials and improve reimbursement.

Code Search & Code Constructor

Search by code or keyword, or click through Code Constructor’s simple lists to find the right code.

Code Descriptors With Official Guidelines

Get complete, authoritative information straight from the official source for each code set.

Lay Terms From Certified Experts

Feel confident in your code choice after reading the plain English explanation from the TCI team.

Medicare & Medicaid
CCI Edits Checkers

Enter up to 25 codes to catch edits, research modifier indicators, and see results that help prevent denials.

Medicare Fee Schedules &
Global Days Calculator

Use a single tool to find MPFS, CLFS, DMEPOS, and ASP data, plus MUEs. And calculate end-dates fast for MPFS global periods.


Confirm coverage for your code with same-site access to Medicare’s local and national policies.

Code Crosswalks & Claim Scrubber

Check for common code pairs in our crosswalks, and use our scrubber to catch denial triggers.


Improve workflow with rearrangeable tools, Favorite Code lists, and many other coder-requested features.

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