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Find the Medical Code Lookup Resource That’s the Perfect Match for What You Do!

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Looking for code search, compliance tools, or specialty coding guidance? You found it!

We’ve got a variety of online coding packages, so you’re sure to find one that’s the right fit. Providers, clinics, hospitals, medical coding and billing companies, payers, and other healthcare organizations all benefit from our always up-to-date online coding solutions.

Get More for Your Money With Code Search

Look up CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM medical codes in seconds using this super-affordable online coding resource.

  • Simultaneous search across four code sets
  • Coder-designed search logic with exact and related results to increase speed
  • Electronic alphabetic indexes for familiar book-like search
  • Lay terms written by the TCI team to explain codes in clear terms
  • 18 AAPC-approved CEUs per year

Streamline With Codes & Compliance Essentials in Fast Coder

Boost modifier, CCI, and LCD compliance while working faster with Fast Coder’s combination of codes and tools.

  • Essential coding compliance information tied to your medical procedure codes lookup
  • Code, modifier, and NDC crosswalks
  • Same-site complete LCD policies with hyperlinks to eliminate jumping to CMS pages
  • Compliance-enhancing CCI Edits Checker and fee schedules tool
  • 18 AAPC-approved CEUs per year

Keep the Focus on Your Specialty With Physician Coder

Get expert articles and tools connected to your ICD-10-CM, HCPCS, and procedure code lookup with our 20+ specialty-specific Physician Coders.

  • CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, ICD-9-CM search
  • MPFS, CLFS, DMEPOS, ASP, MUEs, crosswalks
  • CMS 1500 scrubber and CCI Edits Checker
  • Specialty Coding Alert and coding Survival Guides to keep your skills sharp
  • 38 AAPC-approved CEUs per year

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