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Designed to improve accuracy and efficiency in coding for your unique specialty, Pathology/Lab Coder connects you instantly to the codes, compliance tools, and expert articles you need to prevent costly denials.

Pathology and Lab Codes

Find the the correct codes for your claim using keyword search, common path/lab code lists, Code Constructor, and more.

  • Easy access to the 80000 CPT® range on your homepage
  • Tables of code changes so you’re prepared before the implementation date
  • CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM one-click lookup
  • Concise code lay terms and tips written by pathology and lab experts

Pathology/Lab Coding Alert

Ethically and effortlessly increase your claim reimbursement without raising auditor red flags thanks to the expert-approved articles in your monthly Pathology/Lab Coding Alert.

  • Update analysis so you can apply coding changes problem-free
  • Time-proven tactics for navigating coding for both pathology and lab
  • Keyword-searchable archives featuring all issues since 2000
  • Pathology and Laboratory Survival Guide included, plus 13 other Guides

Latest Articles From Pathology/Lab Coding Alert

Simplify With Codes, Tools, and Guidance in One Place

The checklist for clean claims doesn’t end with finding relevant codes. There’s CCI, PC/TC rules, LCDs, and more. Get it all together in Pathology/Lab Coder.

Code Search & Code Constructor

Search by code or keyword, or click through Code Constructor’s simple lists to find the right code.

Code Descriptors With Official Guidelines

Get complete, authoritative information straight from the official source for each code set.

Lay Terms From Certified Experts

Feel confident in your code choice after reading the plain English explanation from the TCI team.

CCI Edits

Enter up to 25 codes to catch edits, research modifier indicators, and see results in RVU order.

Medicare Fee

Use a single tool to find MPFS, CLFS, DMEPOS, and ASP data, plus MUEs.


Confirm coverage for your code with same-site access to Medicare’s local and national policies.

Code Crosswalks & Claim Scrubber

Check for common code pairs in our crosswalks, and use our scrubber to catch denial triggers.


Improve workflow with rearrangeable tools, Favorite Code lists, and many other coder-requested features.

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