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The Only Place for Complete ASC & APC Info on a Single Page!

  • Safeguarded payments using OPPS CCI Edits Checker featuring auditor-recommended location reminder
  • Faster workflow with CPT®-ASC-APC CrossReferences
  • Improved OPPS coding accuracy by tuning into monthly OPPS-specific advice
  • No missed hospital-based charges with the help of Credit Device Modifier CrossReference
  • Increased ASC revenue with quick spotting of newly allowed procedures
  • CPT/ICD ↔PQRS Crosswalk Shows PQRS measures associated with ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes.
  • Article Part D Coverage: Clear Your Confusion on Self Administered Drug by Focussing on Your Facility's Guidelines
  • Article Cardiac Clearance: Keep Pace With Pacemaker Changes With 33233, 33235, and 33206
  • Article Pain Management Procedure: 64405 Is Your Right Choice for GON Block
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Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) Code List

APC Code
On an APC code details page, you get to see essentials including the official long
descriptor, payment and coverage info, and more.
Click the blue APC on the left to see a sample of an APC code details page.
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